Adventurer's Camp - Tents - 28mm gaming

by ecaroth Nov 17, 2017
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you could add a void under each tent..

saves plastic, time, and lets you place objects tokens or monsters underneath

I tried to print one of the simple tents. However, it seemed like there was an failure in one of the brim corners when I tried printing it.I wouldn't stick to the bed. I've leveled my bed, and I think my temp. at 200 degrees is fine, so I don't know if maybe it could be a modeling mistake? I printet with .08mm The tents are awsome, and I would really like to use them.

These are older models and have been printed successfully thoousands of times, so don't think it's the model. You can try dropping the model a milimeter or lower on the Z axis in you slicer tho

Alright, I'll try that

Very good Job ! Precious with all details !
It's possible to make modern tent for the walking dead game ?

Domitim - there's a "base" version of multiple types of tent in here that don't have accessories and should serve well enough as a modern canvas tent (obviously not a super-modern camping tent, but I think it will work if you paint it to fit)

Ok ! Thanks !
I'm going to try !
Felicitations !

I printed some of these but haven't painted them yet. What kind of paint did you use?

I use Army Painter paints and washes, but for some larger terrain pieces I use cheap Apple Barrel and make my own washes with Pledge Floor Wax, which works great too!

This is simply a fantastic collection of stuff! I know tons of people will be printing these off...including myself. Awesome work!