Surprise Egg #3 - Tiny Wheel Loader

by agepbiz Nov 17, 2017
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Wonderful design. I printed all the construction machines last year and gave away most of the eggs. They amaze and delight. I've got a new batch printing now since Easter is coming. I scaled up by 20%.

Thanks! I hope the recipients will enjoy the printing batch :)

Great design! I couldn't get the truck to print though; the second part (the trailer if you will) kept popping of the build plate. :(
Any chance someone remixes this print but with the second part having more surface on the build plate?
Thanks in advance!

Edit: Never mind, I succeeded printing it after leveling print bed... #3dPrintingNoob

Amazing toys. Very big thanks for them from kids ; )

These are awesome!!!!

Thank you! :)

Tip as soon as I have some money for paypal

I love these eggs! Please release a solid egg model so we can boolean our own models into it! That would be so cool!


This is one of the coolest things I have seen someone share in a while. I found that my printers, while good, are not .1mm layer ready, (using .4mm nozzles at the moment), so I can't print at 100%, however, at 120% these print just fine.
Thanks for sharing, I left a tip.


WOW! Thank you so much for the nice words, and thank you for the generous tip! It means a lot to me, and will help me continue this hobby :)

Which is why I left the tip! Your efforts are inspirational, I certainly can't do it, yet, and I'd like to see folks like you keep up the good work and making cool things.
Now a question, what nozzle size do you use to get the finer prints? I have heard that your layer size should be about 2x the layer size you want. What do you use?

Many thanks,

There might be some math involved that I am not aware of, but I have 0,4mm nozzle and prints at 0,1mm layer height on my MakerBot Replicator 2, sliced using Simplify3D

OK Then. I'll have to work on that. I should probably slow the print speed down to do it...

What filament are you using for the yellow? Im looking for something to print construction toys in Cat Yellow, yours looks like a close match.

Thanks for sharing.

The filament is 5 year old Makerbot "Yellow PLA 1kg sku MP03043" :) It has been open all these years, only stored in a cabinet. Still works without any issues

Your designs are so cool. I have printed the 4 trucks with their eggs. The only one that I have having trouble with is this one. I cannot get the loader part to free up to move up and down. The other designs work well. I tried printing this one twice with the same results.

Thank you! If the parts get fused together your printer might be overextruding. You could try to lower the feedrate a little bit. In Simlify3D the setting is called "Extrusion Multiplier"

I don't recommend this as a toy for children. More like a toy for adults. I printed two different ones twice, and they all broke within few hours as it is very fragile.

As I have stated in the description:

Not for children under 3 yrs.

I've printed just the eggs for #5 and #4 and I'm in the middle of #3. I'm blown away with how... perfect... they are. I print very slow so this is going to take a long time to get all 5 :) But man are they nice. A few days I should be done everything and I'll be sure to post photos. Ps. Any reason these can't scale up?

Thank you for the nice words! I am looking forward to the photos. The eggs do scale up rather nicely, many have printet large versions of the eggs. I have not tried that myself though, i fint it most fun making them tiny as possible still being print-in-place and articulated. Here is crazy big version of one of my eggs that someone did:


Print on it's side as shown? Thanks !

Printing now. Thanks !

Yes, print them as is. The vehicle is printed on its side, the egg is printed standing. Use NO support or raft. 0,1mm layer height is recommended

Wow WTF............why haven't these little miracles been featured ?
Awesome man, now I must scrape brain matter off the wall because you have completely blown my mind !

Thank you so much, keep up the great work.:)

Thank you sir!

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can you shrink it and still make it work?

Probably not. If you shrink it down the tolerance will also shrink (the gap between moving parts) and that us already borderline small for most printers. Also the thinnest parts are designed to be approximately two shells thick

Yes thanks they still worked a bit when shrunk but I made them too small will print again at normal size they are awesome

Brilliant - first print at 200% scale on M3D pro worked out great.
Perfect for the big kids amongst us :-)

Love it ! Very well designed.

Thank you very much for the nice comment!

First, let me say these are my favorite designs. Unfortunately the forklift and loader are coming out with the pivot points fused together. Has anyone been able to print the with an anet A8? Would you mind sharing your settings? I would literally print these all day if I could:)

Thank you! is it the first layer or all the layers that are fused? if it the first layer you might have the nozzle too close to the bed resulting in overextruding. How big is your nozzle? recommended size is 0,4mm or smaller. I have no experience with the Anet A8 so not sure what the problem might be. My print settings on my Makerbot Replicator 2 are 0,1mm layer height, no rafts, no supports and 40% infill. Default travel speed

You're more than welcome. I can move the front whilst from side to side but the bucket arms won't move up and down. Are the wheels supposed to move? I'm guessing I'm having issues with tolerances. I'll keep playing with settings. My big prints are coming out perfect. Its these small prints that are giving me a problem whine comes to moving parts.

Yeah, the wheels are supposed to rotate freely. The tolerance on these models are very thight, and requires a well calibrated printer. Also check your overall feedrate or try a different filament and or temperature. If you are unable to make it work I guess you could try to upscale the models 5-10%? That will also upscale the tolerance. Although the models will no longer be tiny :(

So I changed the extrusion multiplier to 90 and now all vehicles come off the bed with wheels spinning and other parts moving:) Guess its time to print as many as I can:) :) Thanks again!!!!

Awesome! I would love it if you upload photos of the makes if you get some sucessful prints. I really enjoy seeing the makes of the models

These are truly awesome and inspired! Kids and adults can't stop playing with them. Have you designed anymore? Love to build if you do!

Thank you very much for the motivating words! I am working on and testprinting the prototype for egg #4 as we speak :) I hope to be able to release it withing a week, or at least before Christmas

How excellent! Thank you for doing such great work. I'll keep checking back. Have a wonderful Christmas!!
Best from Bethesda, Maryland USA,

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Fold me closed on tiny loader
in the egg whites, a secure way
lay me down, in pla layers
download a little toy today

Here is a picture of where I've printed two of the trucks: https://imgur.com/a/leyq6. On the dump truck I used a brim and the facing down side was all connected together. On the log truck I used a raft and it wasn't glued together but the facing down side doesn't look good. On both the side facing up looks amazing. What can I do?

What a super cool design... Thanks for sharing.
One piece of advice for those struggling with the crazy overhang for the loader (like I was), particularly on printers with only 1 fan blowing from one direction... Rotate the model so that the overhang is gradually moving in the direction of the airflow from the fan. This ensures instantaneous airflow contact with the overhang. Made a heck of a difference as soon as I rotated the model on the Original Prusa MK2S.

Excellent tip. Thanks.

Just a note for those of you who upscale this model...the loader's cabin slopes upward when the model is flat on buildplate. About a third of the way through the print the cabin assembly started to wobble badly when the printhead passed over this area and i aborted the print. For the next attempt I've tried to solve this by adding 'zigzag support touching buildplate' to the model. I upscaled the model to 70mm x-axis.

Beautiful work agepbiz.

These continue to astound! Very nice work!

Thank you very much! :)

Feedback from my 4 year old son:

"Hey, daddy - the bucket doesn't tip forward, so it can't put its load into the dump truck. I do like that it wiggles in the middle, though."

So, I think that comes down to a suggestion to add another pivot point at the bucket and arms, so the bucket can move too.

Yeah, I originally intended to add a joint at the bucket, but that increased the size on the bucket so much that the whole wheel loader looked out of proportions and the bucket looked weird. This also increased the size of the egg which already was borderline too big compared to the two other eggs. So I decided to go for form over function on that part

Well, that makes sense. I'll let my son know. He's a little engineer, so he "gets" this type of stuff. He cares more to know why things are they way they are - if you get my meaning.

Make sure he keeps asking questions! :)

What is the size of your nozzle?

I have the default 0,4mm nozzle

Do you by any chance modelled this parametric, so you could easily release an 300% size version?

No sorry :( This is polympdelling done in 3ds Max and has been finetuned to print at this scale. I know people have upscaled these prints with luck, though since the tolerance increses along with the scaling it will get a bit wobbly

No wobbles at all with me. At 200%

Printing a 200% one now. Will be finished in 10-12 hours :-)

Haha! Awesome. I hope it wont end up to wobbly :)