DIY RC Street Racing Car: One Week Classroom Project

by Banana_Science Feb 13, 2018
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What temp settings did you use for the printing of the Ninja flex ?

Whats the total cost of all the non 3d printed parts and about how many printing hours does it take?

The cost of non 3D printed parts including everything such as bolts, nuts, and connectors is $62.74. I never thought to time the printing but if you were to do the hybrid TPU/PLA wheels it would probably be around 50 hours

Very simple design and well explained in words and pictures. I am trying to learn how to build something like this and your post helps a lot. Thank you.

Thank you!!!!!!!

Why didnt you pick the GT2B remote. That one has work really well for small projects like this. Especially for electric skateboards. It's cheaper too. Just wondering?

This remote just happened to be a little cheaper I guess.

Awesome, i wonder if a lower KV motor may be better looking at the traction and speed.

Comments deleted.

Definitely. The car suffers from an overpowered motor and poor traction due to its light weight. It works really well on old, roughed up asphalt though with the current setup.

Can you please comment on both front and rear axles how many nuts, where they are located and what type? I think i've figured out the rear axle but just want to check. Trying to figure out front now.


Sorry about not making it more clear. Here are some screenshots from our Onshape design. If these screenshots aren't enough, you can easily copy our document and orbit/pan/delete parts of it to see how it all fits together. Just let us know if you want an exploded image of the rear axle.

Awesome, thanks!! My bearings should be arriving today so i'll be able to assemble the car! I'll post some pictures when i'm finished!

Do you have any video for it? Looking forward to make it with my grand kids. Thank you for sharing.

I just finished a quick driving video: https://youtu.be/rkeiZ0WCqgk Sorry it took so long (lots of homework)!

Looking good. I made 2 of them already. The only difference from your original build:

  1. 3D printed all parts (no laser cut).
  2. Motor pinion gear is out of stock, made 3D printed with set screw- working great, can provide .STL file if needed.

Can you post pinion gear stl??
Thanks :)

Awesome, Thanks!! What size set screw did you use?

i used 3mm x 5mm regular screw

Thanks for that file! Mind if I upload it this listing and credit you in the description?

No problem at all.

Wow! A 3D printed pinion gear! If you could post an .STL that would be great! I know those gears are always out of stock and it would help a TON of people if they could just print their own. I'm glad you like the design!

I don't have an official video yet, but I'll film a quick something this afternoon for you.

Great, Thank you! I started printing plastic parts. Will post some pictures when it done.

Sorry, but I ran out of time this weekend. I'll try my best to get something quick filmed ASAP.