terraPin ACE Pinhole Camera, Lulzbot Edition

by schlem Nov 22, 2017
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I love your designs. Do you have any advice on a first camera to print of the many varieties and iterations? This will be a gift for a photographer who has shot medium-format film with lens-based cameras. I'm going to do an opacity test on 3D Hero's black PLA soon and will let you know the results on that thing page (Have to figure out which lightbulb in my house would be appropriate.)

This design (and its permutations) is easy to assemble and doesn't need any vitamins other than a pinhole - which is pretty easy to make. My personal favorites are either the CAMEO or the OSKAR 6x9's. They're very similar cameras, but the CAMEO (an ACME variant) is a little wider angle, with some nice vignetting at the perimeter. The OSKAR is just a better-designed, sturdier, and prettier camera (IMHO).
ACE/ACME/CAMEO = simpler, easier to assemble
OSKAR = much better shutter, more substantial, cleverer.
Let me know if you have any questions!

Sweet work, as always. What makes this one a 'work in progress'? would you recommend starting with this one or with one of your other cameras? Thanks!

Hey, thanks for the kind words. It's ready to go now. I want to add a two-color separation of the Lulz logos and the body, but that should be trivial. I marked it in-progress after losing about 4 hours of documentation in the editor. Some blue profanity is radiating into space from that.

This is intended to be a first terraPin pinhole camera - other than the pinhole, you can literally print all the parts, and it snaps together without any fasteners. I've added a lot of explicit instructions, but some people will need more. And that's why I respond to comments :) FWIW, this should fit on a lot of small print beds out there for people with price point printers.

Lemme know if you have any questions!