DIY Antenna Rotator / Sat Tracker

by Tysonpower Nov 18, 2017
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Please can you give picture of bottom asix , to turn whole box

Hey ,

Do you have some pictures of the bottom side , dont know the principe to turn the whole box


Please could you help me, I have a copy of your sketch your (compiled ok). I cannot get the comms to work with orbitron.

Can you please give details on the DDE and comms settings. (im currently wispDDE gs232) with no avail

Many thanks

Hi, gs232 is the right protocol. Maybe you didn't select the correct com port? ALso: Please close any other Application (like arduino studio) that uses the com port of the Arduino.


Hi would you please share your fusion 360 files ? That's quite expensive and difficult buying metrical stuff in north america, specialy pipes and bearing.
Then i can share you back the files in imperial with hardware easily found in north america.

Great project by the way.

Thanks for sharing this excellent project! Everything looks easy to assemble and set up - but I cannot see from the pictures how the endstops are used? In one photo I can see a circular 3D-printed part that looks like it has a tab that would fit through an optical endstop. Is that correct? If so, I don't see that object in the thing files.

Yes that is correc, I used optical endstops. I Added the Files now, seems like i forgot them before.

Hope that helps you :)

Perfect - thank you! :)

Excellent work!
Is it possible upload the (scad?) main file to able make modifications? I need a ratio about 1/90 and it is difficult for me design it from scratch.

Thank you

Hi i used Fusion360 for the design, so in don't think i can export it in the right format for you. Sorry.

Thank you for your reply :)

I've tried to Upload code to arduino, but there are some lines of code error .. like:
'cmd_stopAZ' was not declared in this scope" ..... i am a beginner in arduino so do not understand the error. Please help your Sat Track sketch file to work when uploaded to arduino. Thank you- Andy

You didn't import the Sketch the right way. That's all.
Just unzip the file you downloaded from me and change the folder name to SatTracker.

After that you can open the SatTracker.ino file in it and you should have two tabs in the IDE.Then the should be gone.

okay will i try again to load again Sketch, Tysonpower ... thanks for your response.

Would you be willing to share your arduino code? Thanks

Would you be willing to share your arduino code? Thanks

Hi, just take a look on my Website that is linked in the description,there you can download the Arduino code as well.

Thanks, didn't see it down there at the bottom.

Do you have written documentation? I don't care about the language, but Google Translate doesn't work on videos yet. This looks really nice, and I would like to take a try at building it.

English subtitles (subs are available now) will follow on the Video as well as a bit more Text on my Website