FSR Mount

by Gkbeer Mar 7, 2014
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can this work for the mini kossel 170mm heat bed with glass? Maybe if I make the ends taller?

Mounting any heated bed on top of a part that can soften when heated is always a problem.

Are there any source files available for the clips? I'd like to modify them to work with my metric boro glass disk.

If I give you precise measurements, would you make a set for a WolfStock? The measurements and distances from the edge are slightly different for my setup. I have a 300mm SeeMeeCNC glass build plate, and the radius from the center of the triangle to the 8020 is 142.977mm. (length of the inside edge of the base equilateral triangle is 495.3mm)

what's do the force sensors do? act as end stops? help for leveling the bed?

I have not used a heated bed with this design. So I have no direct experience. I would recommend these parts be made from ABS should a heat bed be desired. W/o the FSRs, it should be fine.

Do you think you could use a heated bed with this setup?(Using the discs)

FSR's are not tolerant to heat.
You will need to insulate them from the heat, without effecting their operation.

This is EXACTLY what we were looking for - thanks so much for creating this! :D

This wasn't designed with mechanical bed leveling in mind.
This is relevant to https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/deltabot/6fxnM20nYKchttps://groups.google.com/foru...

This solves the problem of mounting FSR's and a 6-1/2" glass to the Mini Kossel with 240mm laterals.

Is this for bed leveling purposes? Can you give a little more details? Thanks!