Elegant Arch MacBook Pro Stand

by dmpmassive Mar 7, 2014
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Will this work with the 2018 MacBook Pro?

Print for MacBook Pro 2017 w/o touchbar (13 inch)
set scale of model to 50% ( i print with 49 and stand is too tight)

I used Zaxe X1 3D printer to print the MacBook Pro stand for my 2015 model 13" Retina MB. Since the Zaxe X1's printing bed is 20x20, I have changed the size by using the Zaxe Desktop software. I shrink the width to 19,5cm and the software adjusted the other dimensions automatically. My 13" MacBook Pro fits perfectly with the skin. I used red Zaxe PLA flament. It took 11 hours to finish. I wanted Zaxe Desktop software to add supports but after a while I realized that I could print it without support but it was late. (Actually, I felt a bit regretful after I see that supports created some mass under the tip of the curve). Anyway, it is a very useful material and helped me to gain lots of space on my desk. Thanks to dmpmassive.

Printed at 59% to fit my 2017 13" macbook with touch bar. Fits perfectly

anyone made this and have a case on their computer? i have a very thin smoke black case on it.. i just dont know how tight of a fit this stand is.

Thanks for the files! I printed it at 40% infill with to ensure it was strong enough on the first print since it's a big print job. Used about 2/3 of a reel of Makerbot PLA and took ~21 hours start to finish. But it turned out great! See here: http://imgur.com/gallery/NhkkN

This was printed for our school's principal who wanted a way to cradle her school laptop (17" Macbook Pro) for easier use at her desk when combined with a thunderbolt dock (for those who are curious :https://www.amazon.com/Elgato-Thunderbolt-Laptop-Dock-Cable/dp/B00PAPMSLE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490727372&sr=8-1&keywords=elgato+thunderbolt+2+dock) which she has connected to a keyboard, mouse, speakers, and an external monitor. She just plugs in the power cable and the thunderbolt cable and is all set for the day in the morning.

I took your advice and did the version without supports and let the Replicator 5th gen do its own supports which worked out great.

Glad to hear it! Looks great!

Did the supports version... it was hard to separate from the body and broke it on the top. The fact that it is hollow inside helped too....
Thanks anyway

Hey sorry to hear that. Hope it can be salvaged!

Would you be willing to help me and update for Lenovo X1 Carbon? Laptop thickness is 16.45mm

Could I get the part file, or a Step version? Trying to adapt it for my surface book with a rounded slot bottom, but very difficult to interface with .stl. Nice design, thanks.

Hey sorry for the late reply. I don't log into Thingiverse much anymore. I'll see if I have something kicking around. I built this with Autodesk Inventor though so I don't know if I can save it as a step file.

Ok this turned out horrible for me, my printer decided that your supports are better of being spaghetti and did so. However it still printed well and looked good just a lot of clean up. I had to scale to 85% to fit on my printed. However when I put my laptop inside it, tight fit felt perfect, came back and laptop was on the floor, it seems that printing this in its native orientation doesn not provide good support as its week points are in a terrible location, it's worth turning it on its side and using your own support which is what I might do but abit discouraged to reprint due to the amount of wasted filament and 8 hours print time.

Never complain about free beer...

Sorry to hear about your problems! Maybe scaling the supports to 85% made them just a bit too thin to be stable? If you decide to take another run at it, maybe use the support-less version and let your slicer make build supports. I printed mine with 3 outside walls and a pretty tight 35% hexagonal (makerbot) infill so the layer adhesion was great. My stand has been sitting on my desk for 5 years now without issue. In fact that 2011 17" MBP in my photos died before the stand!

Yeh I don't blame you, I think my slicer is crappy (XYZware) will try this after I decide to ref lash it to repetier then maybe use Cuda or Slic3r instead.

I did use good infill I think 50% and 3 shells, not sure what went wrong but hopefully have better results using a different slicer if so I'll update you

Im new at this. I have a retina macbook. What do you mean print at 75% if you have a Retina macbook?

I think what user xTatic is saying is that scaling it down to 75% of the original size will allow for a better fit for the macbook retina. But I can say for certain if this will work as I'm never tried personally. Good luck!

Will this fit a Mac Book Pro 13" non retina?

I have a Early 2011 13" Macbook Pro and this works great for me. See here: http://imgur.com/gallery/NhkkN

Print at 75% if you have a retina macbook. Fits perfectly.

my print bed in only 200x200. Hmmm... I wonder if I compress the 240 width if the curve will still look good.

your design has been stolen without attribution and is being sold here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/186898522/macbook-pro-storage-stand?ref=shop_home_active_2
he's done the same with one of mine and many others, and claims the design to be his own.