Pumpkin Coach

by vbldv Nov 19, 2017
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Transferred the files into stl files ,printing them right now ,made the two exterior frame parts 12 mm wide wich i can print on 45° angle on my hotbed measuring 22x22 ,its a tight fit,wheels 10mm wide noticed the axle should be 3mm, thank you for the very nice design ! love it
When finished i will post pics

Thank you! :-)
I appreciate you converting the design to 3D printing, improving and sharing it. Did you mean wheel size was 100mm? I will use your files for printing when I get my printer.
As far as the tightness of parts, this was optimized for laser cutting while taking thickness of cutting beam into consideration. I'm not familiar yet with printing but will trust your expertise and advice. One thing that I may recommend is that you can make the hotbed parts thicker for improved rigidity. I have made central beam to be double thick (see picture) and it is holding a pumpkin for 5 months since October without bending.
I would love to see the pictures of your design when you finish.

well i noticed in the first print there will have to be some changes to made for example the space in the frame for the seven connector frame parts is way to small ( no laser beam here lol) rigidity looks okay to me but i am still working on putting it toghether,i will update later

I guess the notches on the frame could be made a slightly wider for the bars to fit without the need for tooling. Let me know if I can help in any way with the design for printing. What's the typical clearance you would make for the parts to fit together?

well printed out as the files came out after converting is not really an option,the whole thing is way too bombastic lol ,looks more like a creation from Dr Loveless in the movie wild wild west :) but no problem i will make it thinner , calculaded your 1/8 inch into mm came out 3.1 mm thikness ,print came out 10 mm thikness ,so you can imagine the looks ,clearence i use is mostly 0.2 mm (still is thight, ) i noticed print sizes are always a little bigger ,no clue why ,so back to drawing ,keeps me busy , will get there ;)

wow! Looks great, I like the brown color inserts. The whole thing will look more elegant once the pumpkin is in there. (can you print a hollow pumpkin?) The only thing I would try doing is to print the spokes 1/3 thinner while keeping the hubs and adding a trim all the way around in the same thickness as you have (maybe even in brown)
PS. have you tried Cold Acetone Vapor Finishing for smoothing parts? just be careful with vapors it's very flammable.

the inserts are actually cupper (i ran out of silver),the rest printed silver ,working on a golden one now pla doesnt smoothen very wel even not with acetone abs does ,but its a pain in the but to print i use lockbuild and hotbed at 100 degree (celsius) and it still warps ,even though my printer has an enclosure ,so for now i stick to pla oh yes almost forgot i drawd a hollow pumpkin its a two piece print but it wil be a long one