Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Flying Tourbillon Model IV (Dual Ulysse Escapement)

by A26 Nov 20, 2017
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i've got the escapement running continuously, but the pin on the balance wheel hits the big tourbillon gear when torque & amplitude are high. i don't see any way to avoid this except by making the tourbillon track bigger, which i might try to do along with a larger mainspring. what else could i do to fix this?

What does fs mean ?

How do i build it together ?

Are there examples how to put the parts together ?

Is there a piece missing from the files? It looks like there should be a circular piece that fits into backingdud and goes round the shaft of framebdud.

The circular piece is a 22x8x7 ball bearing. Sorry for not clarifying that in the description. You could use a printed airsoft pellet or gear bearing instead I suppose depending on your printer's tolerances.

I hope you will update the information for this beautiful design so I can finish building this movement. This is my first effort. Thank you for uploading these works of art. Mark: mcorl@msn.com.

Thanks for the info. I was able to get it running with a printed bushing, and I aim to publish a make of it in a few days. So far I have only been able to make it run for a few seconds, as the main spring tends to slip. I might see if I can tweak it a bit. I am using PLA shafts and I will probably replace them with steel ones later. It seems from the third photo that you have something attached to the bottom of the model and perhaps that would help with the main spring.

I have really enjoyed building your designs. Thank you very much for posting them. This one was the easiest to get working so far.

If you are able to publish CAD files for the designs, I would really appreciate it, and I think it would help to understand how the parts fit together. For this one, I loaded all the STL files into blender and moved them around until I understood what was going on, but there are other designs (like this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1814713) where I've just not been able to work it out.

Anyway, again thank you, and keep designing!

Daniels Double Remontoir Tourbillon Escapement
by A26

I just finished printing the 11 pieces from the files provided. The process of assembling them was very enjoyable. But I too would have appreciated an exploded drawing to make assembly easier. I am wondering what side the metal shafts should be, as there is no information about this. And now, in reading your helpful comments, I've learned there is also a missing piece. So, if you could show me what you're talking about, and provide some assistance with creating that piece so I can finish this project, I would be very thankful. Mark / mcorl@msn.com.

It turns out I was wrong about there being a missing piece - it's actually a 22x8x7 bearing, as A26 commented above. This is the size sometimes called 608zz. I've attached a STL for a piece of approximately the right size that you can use as an alternative. It might be a little loose. I don't recall what size the metal shaft are, but one thing you can do is use a piece of filament and trim it until it is the right length, then measure the length of that. I usually use shafts printed in PLA as another way of doing this - I print a 2mm diameter cylinder, then sand it until it's smooth enough and small enough to fit the holes.

I've also attached a blender file which shows how the parts fit together - probably not much use to you, @mcorl, as you've already worked it out, but maybe it will help others.

Thank you so much!

Does it work? and how well?

It now runs about 10 seconds at a time on metal shafts. The fork still requires more sanding, but I'm confident I can get it up to near-continuous operation.

Did you? Mine only runs about 5-10 secs,.

Amazing looking design!