Smiling Toothbrush Holder

by PsychProd Nov 20, 2017
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nice model! Can you re-upload the model in higher resolution?

Hello! I'm not sure I understand. You're looking for a version of the STL model that contains more triangle polygons (resolution)? My model is a remix so you might want to start with the original and work from there using Meshmixer (http://www.meshmixer.com/download.html).

Hi. Yes, more triangles / Polygons. The original has 160,883 triangles your remix has 31,118 . Maybe you reduced it during the export? Or the original one was updated in the meantime.

I'm trying to make one with only 3 holes that are big enough for sonicare toothbrushes. What app did you use for the design? Do you have any suggestions on how to easily resize the holes?

Hello! Sorry for the late response, haven't been logging into Thingiverse in a while.

I made this using Tinkercad actually and I highly recommend using that for your remix. I would scale it up a bit as sonicare bases are rather heavy and might tip it over.

Could you provide the holes as solid STL-objects? Or at least the diameter and angle. I want to design inserts for Oral B toothbrushes and don't want to fiddle with getting the exact measurements. :-) I will provide a link to your design as soon as I publish them of course!

The holes are about 23mm and angled 5 degrees to the side and front/back (see uploaded image). At the default size, it fits toothbrushes that are pretty wide at their bases (see photos) so if you need it slightly larger, I would just increase the size of the model in your slicer uniformly or on the x/y specifically around 5%. Let me know if you need more and good luck with your remix!

Struggling to print this.
I have printed 2 holders (the new version you gave me) and invariably a foot always falls over during the print.

Any suggestions?

I am currently using support and rafts but to no avail.

All I can think of next is to try turn down the speed to a snails pace.

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that... you know, I didn't have any fail in that way myself. I'm printing on a really nice sheet of build surface by CCTREE and things stick crazy good to it. Here it is on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/CCTREE-Printer-Surface-Creality-300x300mm/dp/B07543KHCT

One thing you might try is to (in Cura or Simplify3D or whatever slicer you're using) try moving the print down on the z-plane so that the legs are actually starting to print where they're a little thicker. The overall height of the holder will be shorter but that's probably fine.

I've attached an image so you can see what I mean (e.g. in Cura). Here I've moved it down 4mm and that will make the portion of the feet that are in contact with your bed larger and I bet they will not fall over so easily as the print head moves over them.

Hope it works for you!

Thanks for the above.

In the end I went and bought spray adhesive and placed a layer of this on the glass bed instead of the other means that I use for bed adhesion.

I have seen that if all else fails, use spray adhesive.

We are now 13 and a half hours in, the top row of teeth are just starting to print, and OctoPrint is stating that another 8 hours are needed.

It's looking good thus far and once done I will upload a pic.

Thanks again for the above info and for the modified file

Would there be any way to get a change where the toothpaste could be held in the back instead of the two extra tooth brushes?
I am new to 3D printing and such so I doubt I could make a remix

Here's a quick mod that has a simple curved partition. Keep in mind, I haven't printed it so cannot guarantee standard toothpaste tubes will fit but maybe you could test it for me by printing it full-size?

You are a rock star Brother Bear.

Shot for the modified stl... I will print it as soon as my white filament arrives and will let you know how it comes out.

These are SOOOO CUTE!!!