Diet Bearing Block With Z Probe Compatible Back Plate

by F4bric83D Nov 20, 2017
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Hello, interesting build... im gona print this today... by any chanse did are thouse compatible with this? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2537701

ANET A8 Spiral vase linear bushing
by aeropic

How did the print work out? I hope you found it useful. I don't think the linear linear bushing you linked will work with my design as it will need to be enclosed on all sides to do it's job properly. Did you test it? I like the look of those bushings, may put them to use in another machine.

might have printed it but for the vain lettering on it?
any part with 3d lettering on is a waste of time and effort?
are people so vain they have to ad it to prints?

Hi Zizixa,

Thanks for your constructive feedback on the design and functionality of my thing.

I'm sorry you're not a fan of my logo. I designed this thing for myself, I was proud of it and wanted to put my stamp on it. It worked well so I thought I'd give back to the community that's provided me with many useful things that have improved the functionality and accuracy of my printer. Igus put their logo on the bearings that fit in these blocks, was that a waste of their time and effort too? I'd argue that they're still a worthwhile component to add to your printer.

I can appreciate that having someone else's branding on your printer might not be for you though. If you like I can make you a version that has no lettering on it at all, it would be a very simple edit. :)

All the best


it's not that i am or not a fan of logo's
the are realy cumbersome to the print time an quality(ads loads of print time)

These blocks are pretty small though so the lettering is also small. The whole block takes about 25 minutes to print lettering and all. Taking the lettering off would save you maybe 3 minutes, if that. I can compare logo vs no logo and give you an exact figure if you like but it won't amount to much. The logo has no impact on quality, the blocks will work the same either way.

If you would like a logo free version my offer still stands.