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TEVO Black widow Layer Fan Duct

by bopiloot Nov 21, 2017
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Great design. Thanks for sharing it.

But i can't fix on my plate, the hole on the extruder plate is too hight !
Can you share the 3D model file for edit (fusion 360 ?), please ?

I need to change the fixing hole.


Hi bopiloot,

Great design. Thanks for sharing it with us!

I have 1 question though. At what height would you recommend to mount this duct? Should it be at exact nozzle height or a bit higher?
Should I level it to the nozzle by bringing the nozzle at Z 0 and allign the duct relative to the bed?


Hi Trojaneca,
Just mount the bottom off the duct 2-3mm above the bed when your nozzle is at Z 0.
Be aware that some people had problems with the duct loosening due to the vibrations of the printer. So tighten it correctly, use blue locktite or springwasher. Happy printing

I’ve been using your duct for a few days now and it works really well. I’ve tried at least 8 ducts in the past year and all of them have one problem or another, mostly thermal runaway issues. I’m a big believer that “more is better” when it comes to cooling so I tried two of my most powerful 40mm fans, but they were too noisy. So, I downloaded this Dual 5015 to 40mm Fan Adapter:

I added a short extension to the adapter and added a rounded center “bullet” to match up with the diffuser in your duct. That was pretty easy and I can print both your duct and the modified adapter with the mating surfaces down on the build plate.
I’ve tested this rig with both 5015 fans running at 100% and so far, the hot end temperature graph is a rock steady flat line. Previously, even at drastically reduced fan speeds, the other ducts I’ve used show a jagged temperature graph always bordering on thermal runaway. Especially with large ring duct designs, I noticed that a print might proceed for many hours with a zig-zag temperature profile just barely hanging on to temperature stability and then, usually when the print shape changes, my Black Widow would shut down because of thermal runaway. UGH!

I use a silicone “sock” on my heater block and your duct is positioned as low as possible on my late model Black Widow. The upper lip of the duct outlet is aligned with the bottom of the silicone sock so that the air looks like it will be skimming just below the lower surface of the sock covered heater block. It appears to be blowing directly on the nozzle; however, they say the proof of the pudding in in the eating. Even with the dual 5015 fans running at full speed, I haven’t seen any thermal runaway tendencies. I also like the way your duct doesn't block a clear view of the nozzle so I can closely monitor the initial layer, for example.

Thanks for a nice design.

Dual 2 5015 Radial Blower to 40mm Adapter Fan
by bofus

Thank you for the feedback Atarln, I am currently working on a new design.
When not fastened properly the duct can create a mess like stated by 'MegaCleanCab'
I will get back with a better design.

Thank you. I'm waiting for you with a new design!

I apologize for the question: do you still have a lot of work? Long wait?

I ask, because this detail is needed, but I do not want to print the details of another author, I want to print yours. She's perfect!

Dear author.

You have created a good model, but it is not suitable for the latest versions of Tevo black widow, because in new printers the hole on the extruder plate is 5 mm higher than provided in your model.

If you could make this fix, I'd be happy to print out the model for my new printer.

I can modify the model myself if you give permission and provide the source file. Your rights will not be violated.

I love this design. It did come loose last night and cause a giant mess as it got bound up on a part, knocked my glass on the ground and you don't want to even see what it did to the nozzle. I put some thread locker on the treads as a lock nut will not fit in the slot. If a v6 is in the works, it would be awesome to allow for this.

Its a great design but may be the duct is some narrow. I printed and I had to open a lithe the end or air flow. May be if you can do it it would be perfect. Cheers and congrats for a good work.

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Hi great design is there any chance of uploading the original so I can adjust design for this mount

Tevo Black Widow 15 degree extruder and BL touch mount RIGID

Is the airflow must blow on the nozzle, not on the detail?

Just printed this for my Black Widow ironically using your v2 cooling duct at the time, the v2 caused me thermal runaway until i upgraded to a thermistor cartridge, im now running my first test print using the v5 duct... fingers crossed! :)

Can you tell me what settings you use for cooling? i use s3d and would like to know the fan speed/layer settings you use when using this duct.


I never released v2, it was quite similar as other designs found on thingiverse though.
I would actually expect that that one is not efficient, you maybe saw the flow simulations in the post?

Fanspeed with my settings is 80% for printing 100% for bridging.
But honestly it's something you dial in and I am doing that myself still.

You should eitherway get a good flow with this one.
I'm curious for your feedback.

Possibly a similar one then, the v2 is quit einefficient as it only blows down, ive put your dict on for a 10 hr print ive left going of a fullsize roman sword... ill post results later but so far so good.

Could you make a version of this duct that is compatible with a 5015 radial fan, or make a version without the center thing so that an adapter can be used?

Worked on something last night but the way that fan gets mounted makes that the model isn't so easy to print anymore. Would it be okay to attach the fan duct to the fan with for example epoxy? Than I could have something quick else it will take some more time...

the only thing i would really need removed is the center piece that goes over the center of the axial fan, because then i could use a printed adapter for the fan. All of the adapters that I found use the center, which is blocked by the cone thing.

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