Mini Heavy Duty Printable Filament Spool

by cymon Jul 11, 2012
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For some reason, the holders are very loose in the arms. They won't hold at all. I could glue them in but I suspect I made a mistake somewhere?

Check your filament diameter. It's probably too low.

Do you have a suggestion for which holder to mount to the back of a Replicator 2?

Not owning a Replicator 2 I suspect the back holder presented here will still work.

As usual with you, this is pure genius. I really like how you came up with this simplification of a complex mashup, "a lot of little modifications," you're really humble, too. If you've ever cad designed, you'll know that aligning circular parts is a real pain. Cymon made it sound easy, but it's not. He's just humble with his genius. How do I know this? I'm working on making a real full size bicycle with my Replicator. This is just what I need to hold my water soluble filament. Bicycles also have lots of circular parts that need to be perfectly aligned. Thanks, Cymon :-)

Heads up to those trying this design out: The parts do not connect with smooth edges, but otherwise things come together.

I see now that one could see it in the picture, but it was a surprise when trying to mate the spool's arms and hub. It's good to know it's as intended though.

So far it's looking good, and I can't wait to finish printing the parts so I can dual-extrude from coils!

P.S. It took using a vise to ge
t the arms into place, they're definitely not going to wiggle!

Glad that they are going together for you. They weren't that tight a fit for me. The reason you may be getting a tighter print may be that your filament diameter is too low so you are laying down too much plastic. Fixing this can be a difference of 2 tenth of a millimeter, the difference between a snug fit and needing a vice. Getting filament diameter right was the first thing I learned and it's served me well as a silver bullet.

If you don't have a digital caliper you can test your filament diameter using the filament diameter test I uploaded a few day ago.

Please upload the SCAD! :)

Can't wait to print this one.

No SCAD. I edited the STLs in blender manipulating the points directly. The STLS you see there ARE the source.

Awesome, was able to bring them into Sketchup and they worked great!

BTW...driving my family crazy with the song. :)