Das Liddle Stik RC Airplane

by AeroFredcom Nov 22, 2017
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Hi firstly i am enjoying printing this proven design model, please can you tell me which material you have used to print the undercarriage.

Thanks in advance

Does anyone have any specs on individual parts weight?

What is the size of the main wheels ?

Hi guys. Here is my make on this brilliant Stik :-). I have an issue with the battery cover, it being to big. Will try figure out the % I need to cut down on it. Thank you Fred, this plane is WELL designed, and goes together extremely well. PS: I have quite a few orders to priont it already


Hi! Thanks for posting the pictures. Shouldn´t be any issues with the cover itself, only the lock can be reduced to about 97% to fit less tigh.

Thank you Fred. I set it to 97% in S3D and now perfect rx. I seem to be quite tail heavy. Any suggestions please?

Yes, there are several lighter tail sections, give them a try. Also you can use the motor mount spacers to put the motor to the front

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Hello! I'm trying to figure out how to fit the servos in the wings. Could you send me some photos of the bottom part of the wing, without the servo cover, to see how you put them?

Hi, maybe you have to use smaller servos or maybe you have to remove the servo tabs

hum.. maybe!
Is there any possibility of you sending me the airplane project, just from the wing session with the servos, so I can get it modified?
I can send you the modifications and publish them here too.
yes? no? maybe? :)

Will these mk2 gcode files print on a mk3?

I so much want to thank you for getting back with me on this plan, I have figured it out and it prints very good. ill try to post some pictures when I get it finished. right now waiting on filament, its not that hard to figure out once you figure out how to import to cura. thanks again and thumbs up.

I don't want you to get me wrong, Im pleased with the free plans. they are really great. Just trying to work with a budget. thanks for the plans. Its still going to make a great plane.

cura will not open all of the files. I printed the fuselage and part of the wing but all of the files will not convert to stl files with cura. besides that it prints well after you do some fidelling in cura. I think Im just going to build a foam wing for it.

If you could print the fuselage you should be able to print the wing, the problem with cura (among others) is that it doesn´t allows processes so you must combine gcode from several files by hand, no big deal but you have to know what you´re doing.

Cura and the other simple slicers are good for simple things, for more complex prints you need S3D, unless you want to copy paste gcode, if so, cura will do.

3dlabprint supplies the cura profiles for their planes, they are here on TV, you can use them on this plane. There is also the northern pike that has plenty of profiles he went into the trouble of doing and providing. You can use them too.

Slicers don´t convert to STL, they take an STL file and produce a gcode file that is nothing more than instructions to the printer.

for anyone interested in this plane. it is not compatible with cura, you will have to buy s3d. thanks

It is "compatible" with Cura, you will just have to figure out how. But sure, Simplify3d is the only proper slicer there is today, unfortunately costs money.

It is "compatible" with Cura, you will just have to figure out how. But sure, Simplify3d is the only proper slicer there is today, unfortunately costs money.

Ok will check for correct panels in right places. One more? When building the wind tip print. The leading edge when done printing at the tip was raised up some. Is this normal sir? I used Gcodes .

Hi. I got a .?. On the wing tip with 1.5 washout. When glueing them on. They don’t set flush. Can you tell me how you do this without braking the panel you glue the wing tip to?


First make sure you are glueing the panels in the correct order then you have to glue them stacked vertically one over the other aligning the leading and trailing edges then make some pressure and apply the kicker.

Please can you design this Biplane version of the Stick

The bipe comes from the low wing version that is a little different from the original one. I have a few planes to design already but very little time... If I have some free time this year I´ll try to do it.

What other plane are you going to design, as you are really good ?
I would be very interested to see what you busy with

I´m not really good, in fact I struggle to do anything on the 3d cad... I was designng a su-26. its on rcgroups


Great Job !

Just to know, what is the software you use to create plane ? (and the internal structure to make fuselage stronger)


how can I print this airplane using cura 3.5.1

Нарисовал и напечатал капот для Stik. Теперь в полёте самолёт будет выглядеть ещё красивей.

Indeed, looks very well designed. Would you like me to add it to the listing?

Фото можно добавлять, но файл печати публиковать ещё рано. Надо доработать.

In that case I´ll wait for you to finish it

Дорабатывать модель капота я уже не буду. Меня устраивает. Все незаполненные места я ремонтировал 3D ручкой. Потом обработал руками.(смотрите фото). Если хотите, я могу передать Вам файл модели капота в формате .dae. Можете сами доработать и опубликовать.
Сейчас я переделываю стойки шасси. Они будут из пружинной проволоки диаметром 3 мм. и немного повыше. Колёса смещу побольше вперёд, чтобы модель не опрокидывалась вперёд при посадках в траву.

I think it should have printed better, maybe with 2 perimeters. what do you think?

In any case I can try to print the stl here to see what happens. The model itself doesn´t looks bad.

I can add the skis too if you like. Its a nice mod.

У меня дома нет Solid и я рисовал в SketchUp. STL файлы в Simplify не проходят. Приходится в Cura готовить Gcode и потом печатать.
Лыжи получились хорошо, могу прислать файлы для публикации.
Файлы капота и лыж оставил здесь https://www.thingiverse.com/make:541440

Das Liddle Stik RC Airplane

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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I cannot find the horizontal stabilizer in the factory files. Am I looking over them or are they not there?


Its there for sure and there are two versions, make the lightest (less inner structure) and the vert stab and rudder the same

What is the name of the file and in what folder is it? In the lighter tail folder, I only see rudder and aileron parts, but no horizontal stabilizer.

It´s in the main folder and its in the separate gcodes folder

Comments deleted.

Модель почти готова, но я не могу понять, для чего нужна деталь "Х"?

Looks nice! Looks like a tropical bird!

The X its just to help with printing tall parts, if you look at the simplify3d factory files you will see the X there in some files.

I seem to be having some trouble finding section 2 of the wings.

Everything is in the large zip file inside the zip yu will download from TV

Alright my bad, I found it. it was in a secondary folder, Thanks for a quick reply!

just in the process of printing this out - although for the fuse using the stls instead of the factory files! - one question, with the fuse pieces, each part is printed as a box (with the ends closed), i assume that I just need to then cut the ends open? to reveal the internal structure before gluing up?

No. F1 has some infill in the first mm F2 has some bottom layers... Without Simplify3d it won´t be easy.

it would be neat to see a covered plane where you print the ribs and assemble. i dont think abs would melt from shrink covering the ribs. also if the as3x put into it the size could be reduced too.

Some people have done it, there are a few designs like that here. What is as3x?

AS3X is a stabilization system for beginner RC pilots.

Is there a way to print it on ANET A8? i think some parts are bigger that the print area....

Sure, split the parts you can´t fit and glue them after printing.

Great JOBS, now Iam printing on my ANET A8. Thanks 4 share man!!!

Can you share with me your ANET A8 GCcode or other files that will work?

g code for mk2 works on mk3 also , thx for the great plane .

Good to know. Thank you for the feedback

Cute, i like it. Planning to print it soon.Have you consider making an engine cover to make it a bit more aerodynamic ? Could be a nice add on to the original plane.


HI! No man a stick is like this, it´s not a fancy plane its what it is.

Nice design! What size printer are the gcodes designed for? I'm trying them on an Wanhao I3 V2 (200mmx200mm) and the parts are overhanging. Do you offer gcodes for the individual parts?



Some overhanging on the wing internal structure is normal, after 2 or 3 passes the posts will form right.

There is a folder with all the parts as a separate gcode for the prusa i3 mk2 original. 250 210 200

Smaller printers will print these files but you have to test, some parts are tall and need all the 200mm on Z

Thank you for the clarification, I must have missed the files for the Prusa. Great design! I look forward to printing and flying this!

It flies well.

Today I will be uploading a new horizontal stabiliser with more inner mesh than the one labeled as light. I noticed that the lighter one does not has the sufficient material to keep a completely flat surface after printing.

Amazing project ! I am a old school rc pilot and this is one of the most emblematic planes ever ! I have started printing this week, it will be blue and yellow. At the moment the factory files are working well on my Anet A8, I just had to replace some pieces to fit in the bed. Thanks for sharing it ! I hope I can show mine soon.

Can you share with me your ANET A8 GCcode or other files that will work?

Obrigado Rafael, gostava de ver quando acaba o seu aviao.


Olá, depois de imprimir a fuselagem e as partes medias da asa, estou tendo muitos problemas com os extremos e a raíz da asa, ja revisei toda a impresora e nada parece funcionar, uma pena porque o resto da indo bem. A raíz e os extremos saem com falhos de capa (subo fotos).
After printing the fuselage and mid sections of wing with no problem I am struggling to print both central sections and wing tips, mostly missing layers (photo). I have revised all the primer, even upgraded and calibrated the extruder and nothing sims to help. Any idea what more can I do?

não vejo as fotos. pode mandar para mail@aerofred.com?

pode experimentar 0.4mm de vertical retraction ou z-hop

Thanks for the Stik!

The weights of the major parts would be highly appreciated.

I think I managed to slice the wing pretty good with Cura. Only printed part1 (left) by now. The weight is 55grams. If it's too much I might reduce weight by adjusting wall thickness. Now it feels rigid and looks pretty awesome, red transparent PLA.

When I get the wing printed I might publish my Cura profile. I'm using 3.1 and my printer is CR-10. Direct drive printers need different retraction if not more changes.

You´re welcome and thanks for the feedback.

My L1 or L2 part weights 59 grams and I´m weighting a version without the wing reinforcement, your on spot.

The whole plane should weight around 850 grams, this has been confirmed by a modeller who printed it on a cr-10 actually.

Yes, please share your profiles, I´ll add to the package, hat would be much appreciated, the CR-10 it´s so popular that would be good to have free slicer profiles for it.

Should be very pretty in transparent red, please add it as a "make" to this listing :)

Now printing more wing parts. Looks promising.

If someone is interested in testing my early preliminary Cura 3.1 settings for the wing, here they are: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LiTVy0Wv5h5HZk1ogvGV0MYV1gO3Boqn/view?usp=sharing
This is for CR-10 printer. Different printers will/may need different settings.

Maybe we can together find great settings for this and many other 3d printed planes to come. Still have to figure out how to slice the fuselage. Small parts are a piece of cake.

p.s. This will be my third Stik. Already have a gas powered (saito fg-14) scratch build Bik Stik and a HobbyKing EPP electric Ugly Stik. Love these planes.

On the fuselage you have to be careful with F1, it needs 10mm of hex 10% infill to make the firewall and 3 or 4 bottom layers and F2 that needs several bottom layers, 4 or 5 or 5 to make a solid former, the rest is not problematic, its just 2mm of 2 perimeters and then 1 perimeter.

If you can´t use processes like on Simplify3d how are you going to do this? maybe with several distict gcode files and copying from each one the code you need to make a new gcode files with the right sequence. Never done this, don´t know if its possible.

When you have the profiles for the cr-10 I can put them in the thing listing.

Great design. I have a Tevo tarantula and the factory files work great thank you.
How do you go about converting a plan to suit 3d prints.
What software do you use and what are the steps you use to crate the design. Do you know of any tutorials on the subject.
Thanks again


It´s good to know the files work on your printer but do you mean gcode files? Because the factory files are for simplify3d and are configurable for any printer.

Its not a conversion, its a complete re-design of the plane having as reference the original plan, a very lengthy and complex process that takes many hours. I can´t just make a formula for this.

You can do it on 3dmax, inventor, fusion, rhino and possibly others, on the one you choose you have to model the outer shel and then create the inner structures, every model is a different case.

Thanks for your help. Yes I use simplify3d so the factory files are perfect.
I will check out the software and try to get something to work for me. Thanks again..

Ok so basically i would need to purchace s3d wich i cant affford or i can get you to make the files for cura for us poor folk.

The only places where infill is used are the firewall up to 10mm hight 7% infill hex, 30% infill on the landing gear, 20% hex infill on the motor mount.
If you can do this on cura, very well, if not you can use the gcodes on a prusa i3 mk2 direct drive printer.

No im useing the cura files i also have cura so shouldnt be a problem but it is i just got done printing the euphoria 3d printed plane ..so what yours shows on the build plate in cura is a solid fuselage all parts show the same..so basically any infill is worked into the whole structure rather than just the walls.and wich i have never seen before only in solid structures is you have both sides capped off ..i dont undestand why i just know it has something to do with how you wrote the code.

ok so another problem im having is im doing the nose now and instead of just putting 15 percent fill in the walls leaving the structure itself hollow instead it is adding the infill throughout the whole peace . so i also noticed that in the files ive opened i see in cura that say for instance i put it on the build plate it shows that both of the ends of fuse 1 are closed off wich obviously the back half must be open and hollow..can you please help.

Sorry, I don´t know any of the free slicers, only S3D.

I supply gcodes for a prusa i3mk2 type of printer and the .factory files that you can open on s3d and change the settings for your printer.

S3D interpret and print the files properly, original Prusa printers print these files well.

I'm having the same issue with the files downloaded off thingivese. the infill fills the entire fuse not just the walls. and each end is capped making each piece closed

Unless you know what you´re doing use the simplify3d .factory files or the supplied gcodes.

im haveing trouble finding the wing sections in your file i inly see wing L1 and wing aND WING R4 can you tell me where wing L2 AND 4 IS AS WELL AS THE REST OF THE RIGHT WING AS THERE IS ONLY ONE AND I ALSO SEE NO WING TIPS AT ALL soor caps was on lol getting ready to print but need those other wing sections


You´re probably looking at the free stl files I added to the listing to be displayed on the thing page. All the factory, gcode, stl files are in the .zip package, 100mb size

Have you read the listing description? Better read it before start printing or putting stl files on the slicer.


New motor mount with torque correction.
Servo wing covers
Wing tongue reinforcement.

All STL, GCODE and .factory files updated

great design. I love it.

Thanks! I hope you have great fun building and flying it.

Next one will be a Klingberg wing:

Flies very well.

When I split the global objects for the first time and then loaded the parts into simplify3d it didn´t liked the open meshes, it missed a few layers occasionally. The solution I found was to close the meshes (watertight I believe its the term) on fusion under the mesh workspace, I haven´t tested your splits on s3d but this is something to be aware.

i have al the klingberg kits new in the box and i love them , cant wait to have one printed

Looks great!
How much does 3d printed parts weigh, so i could aproximate how much filament it needs.

The printed parts weight approximately 850 grams.