FPV Goggles. Eachine goggles 2 mod

by Desmen Nov 23, 2017
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I have printed the parts, but the side piece near the eye were to britle and broke off. I tried to run the stl true fusion 360 to beef them up but that didn't work out. Could you possibly make another with thicker walls? And did you get the whole thing running, because I'm not following how you managed to get the screen ribbon cable out of the way? Hope you can help, this things occured after I tor my whole goggles apart :(

I was wearing these glasses for a long time until one day the electronic card broke down and I bought some EV200D. You have more pictures in the first version I did (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2164272), that although it has one less card, the design is practically the same. I do not understand what is broken, the design is quite strong.

FPV Goggles for DJI with NVIDIA Shield K1. Eachine goggles 2 mod
by Desmen

Thank you for your quick reply and sorry for my long awsner. I have little time with an newborn child these days. Attached a picture witht he pieces that broke off. 1 had to do with an underextrustion but the rest broke off when the enclosure fell (1 meter). I use a low infill (10-20%) was this my error? Do i need to do a 100% infill?

Hi, as the walls are thin I printed them on PLA with 100% filler.

I have continued the build but now I am on the point that the fresnell lens doesn't fit the new mask. Did you cut it? And by how much? And did you cut a piece on the top and underside? I also tought that you placed the screen higher so the electronics wouldn't be visual withing the screen but then the lcd does not fit in the goggles. Could you please enlighten how you fixed this? Thank you!

You need to file, sand or cut the four sides equally of the lens to keep the center of it and that it fits the measurements of the goggles.
You have to paste the screen at the height shown by the photos to fit well. Do not put it so high because it does not fit. Do not worry, the electronics do not cover the screen.

In my first design https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2164272 you have a cover for the electronic card that I think fits into this design. I did not use it, I just painted the end condensers black and I liked how it looked.

It has a lot of work and the design could be improved (in terms of assembly) but for my taste the final result is worth it.

FPV Goggles for DJI with NVIDIA Shield K1. Eachine goggles 2 mod
by Desmen

me alegro mucho de que al final pudieras hacer la modificación.
Cuando tenga impreso el modelo te volveré a escribir y también subo unas fotos.
Muchísimas gracias!

Have you finished the conversion? If so, can you post pictures as I'd like to see some additional pictures before I purchase the goggles.

Por necesidad, tengo un Mavic Pro, pero me quiero meter también en el tema de los drones de carreras y así ya me valen las gafas.
Un saludo