Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Lead_Screw_Bracket (Self-Adjusting)

by printingSome Nov 23, 2017
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Hi! Thanks for Your work! The ideas is really cool!.

But its very unintuitive how to assemble it. Is it possible to add center cut with names of details?
Its hard to find where is the nut, where is the washer and so on.

Thanks for your comment. ;-)
The nut was indeed almost indistinguishable from the bolt, so I turned it a bit and added text.
Is it ok now?

A step in the right direction but it only works in one plane.

True, but for the other directions you can, and have to, find and adjust the right position for yourself, by placing the motor mounts and the bracket correctly.
This correction you cannot make manually, that's why I made it.
I made an adjustable bracket for a third lead screw, when I used that, for a similar reason: there I couldn't adjust that 3rd lead screw in the Y-direction. Although I don't use it any more you can still find it here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2094263/#files.
I considered combining the 2, but then the X-direction would feel left out, and who would want that?
Furthermore, the aberration for which you have to correct here is very limited. I made room for a 4 degree angle both ways and that's more then you would ever need, I hope for you. The 3rd lead screw needed also a very limited correction.
How far would you want to reach corrections in the X- an Y-directions?

D-Bot Core_XY gone Linear (was: in Threes)

There's always Oldham style couplings too. I'v e seen one or two printed versions but the needed tolerances may be too strict.

Didn't know those, could work perhaps, but are not necessary. As I said, the other 2 directions can be adjusted for in mounting and you would have to do that anyway and then you can do that with enough accuracy when you're at it. Though I am not a big fan of doing it.
And the tolerances here are not strict at all. ;-)