by BRAINCELL Nov 23, 2017
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Seems it is a Lulzbot Cura 2.6.52 (Ultimaker Cura V2 based) problem because it opens fine with the Lulzbot's legacy 21.08 version of Cura (Ultimaker Cura V1 based). I then opened the problem STL files in Meshlab and there where some errors which Meshlab was able to correct. I was then able to save the repaired STL and open them up in Lulzbot's Cura 2.6.53 just fine. Seems Lulzbot's 2,6,52 version of Cura doesn't handle STL's that any contain errors. I had opened an bug with the luzbot cura developers in the beta phase of 2.6.x a few months ago and they said they would not fix their STL parsing code, but rather I should fix the STL and they closed the ticket. So for those using Lulzbot's Cura 2.6.x, you have been warned.

I was using Lulzbot's Cura 2.6.52. The following files cause it to crash...

  • expander_3_switch_cover_mk2..STL
  • expander_3_lower_shell_mk1.STL
  • expander_3_upper_mk1.STL

...conversely it could open these...

  • expander_3_cart_cover.STL
  • expander_3_FEET.STL

Hi, What version CURA are you using ??

I used cura to print the above model on both a MK2S and a wanhao duplicator from the supplied STL file.

Are you having trouble with the other STLS ?

I tried to slice the expander_3_upper_mk1.STL file using Cura but it crashes when trying to open it. I then opened it up in Fusion 360 and the scaling factor is not obvious. It is showing the overall length as 1569mm/61 inches. Can you check to ensure the STL files are correct? Thanks!