by BRAINCELL Nov 23, 2017
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Cool design, I love it!

On your picture is an Atari 520ST, will this design also work for 1024ST?

The only difference between the 520 and 1040 is the amount of memory. The disk drives are only different between stf & stfm/e models and I have uploaded mounts for both types. The stf type has a large central button under the drive.

wrong, i have a french stf (not m since the modulator was useless in france, no french st, stf or ste has a modulator (yep even the ste didn't have one in france)).
It's a 1040 stf with a c070789 rev D board, small button drive.
The stf and stfm with the long button drive were the early ones.

thanks for the clarification.

I was not sure about this with the model, but was able to find more information here:

The other type of mounts design, which you are referring to is following [Correct?]

atari Gotek mount for an STF (slanted drive)

Are you the one selling this on ebay? just to be sure someone didn't steal your design.

I did make a batch but i never used ebay, I put them on here to be free so i will take a look.......

the seller is eclipse-tech.xyz they even used your photo.

Hi, I have several amiga's but not a big box amiga, doesnt the 2000 use a standard footprint floppy drive ?

Wouldnt a GOTEK fit perfectly into this space ??

Any chance of making a modified version that will work in an Amiga 2000's drive bay? I know, blasphemy to an Atari dude, but, I thought I'd at least ask!

Any way you could make one that works with the other style opening? I think all it would require is moving the display opening towards the back of the unit. If you look at the other mount here, you can see a good example of where the opening starts in relation to the USB port. (I attached a picture of my ST's drive bay, and of PlanC's version close up so you can get an idea of the opening size. I'd prefer your design due to how the screen mounts, and it just looks more sturdy.

This is the other design. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2531272

Gotek Floppy Emulator Carriage for Atari ST (1024STF)
by PlanC

I have several Ataris ST's but i dont think i have one of that style.......I will check

Moving the display is no problem but i would need the dimensions of the opening......I will download that one and check positions when i get a few mins

I'll see if I can get dimensions after work and post them.

I have drawn up a new mount - give it a go and let me know how it fits

Is it possible to add the third button mod?

I havnt seen a 3 button Gotek but it should be doable depending on the placement, As you can see the 2 buttons and usb fit nicely into the space without chopping up the case.

I have made a new model which also houses the 2 9pin mouse / joystick ports but requires some cutting........ Adding a third button to that mod is easy, I will upload in the next few days....

I think the 3rd button mod is a flashfloppy thing (uses the JA pins on the rear header). Works as an eject/select button. I may attempt a remix of this particular mount to put a momentary switch behind where the eject button on the original drive goes, and use the original button there.. Will have to wait till I get my STE in though.