Parts for 133% Ossum Jeep to fit RC 1/10

by edwardchew Nov 24, 2017
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Hi, thanks for sharing this project.
I'm printing this thing in petg right now.
Ordered the parts from your BOM.
Could you please share, or advice what motor is good for this setup? And also what pinion gear would you advice?

if i remember well i used 55T motor which was too slow. I believe you will need 27T and whatever pinion gear count of it would be fine.

Can it be made 1/4 scale?

Well you can definitely scale it up or down to whatever size you like :-)

So if the original Ossum is 1:10 in scale and you are upsizing everything to 133% then technical the scale of this version is 1:7.5... is that correct?

yes you are right. It's a 1/7 body that works with RC 1/10 parts such as axle because 1:1 Jeep in real life is smaller than other cars.

awesome for the rescale and remoddeling , only one tiny question
how many screws are in this lovely beast.
i got it almost completly printed and want to start to build :)

Please share photos in the make and fb group once you done it ya!

Hey bro. Cool! Good to hear from someone gotten it printed. Erm... i didn't count cause i got lotsa M3 screws with me. haha. Sorry bout that

just curious, what pinion gear should be used with this? 10T, 13T, 16T???

I'm using this for the transfer case: https://www.banggood.com/HSP-94180-Gear-Box-Set-18024-Aluminum-Alloy-110-RC-Rock-Crawler-Car-Part-p-1172466.html?p=DG23031123036201501P

great work, thanks.
I have to order a few items, I would like to insert shock absorbers to help the leaf springs.
Can you tell me what could be the necessary length of the shock absorbers?
thank you

Hi bro. If my measurement is right. bout 50-60m. that's my setup, which is low to ground for nice stance. you could make it ride higher

heres the request for the scx10 leaf mounts lol looking to start this for myself and do one for a friend using hg axles. so there will be two versions running.
thanks :)

Yo. But i'll need someone to send me a scx10 axle to take the measurement. :-)

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I`m starting to build this, It looks great.
Can you give me pictures od drivetrain mounted inside car?
So I can see where is motor
Great job to you and to OSSUM!

Thank you

What is the wheelbase of the 133% Ossum Jeep? Thanks!

Hi Law Man. it's 270mm :-)

sorry if this sounds dumb but, im new to this. 3d printing and Scale RC. in your step 1 you say to apply the 133%. do i need to scale up the original ossum jeep parts or print them as they are in the original download?

Hi. No worries. Happy to help. Yes whatever original file of the Ossum jeep in Step 1, scale them up to 133% or 1.33.
As for files in the step 2 created by me, do not need to scale up. Just print as it is.
Please share some photos in the "Made" tab when it's printed and report if there's any issue.
Cheers! Have fun. You're gonna love it!

Excellent job Edward, thanks for sharing. Those tyres worked out perfectly.

Is there any reason you have only printed half of each seat?

Huh. At first i was like what you meant. No wonder my seats are so fragile. So i should have joined both pieces together. Hahha. Will update when im back.