Marvel Calendar

by sandyeggocnc Nov 25, 2017
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This website is selling your file. https://www.librarylaser.com/?p=4 Great work. I made one myself and love it.

Thank you for the heads up, I have contacted them. Thank you too for the compliment!

you are a incredible, thats what i call dedication to a desing, well done

Thank you very much, it took a long time but was worth it!

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What did you use to cut the piece out?

I used a 60 degree v-bit to machine the design and a 1/4" compression bit to cut the outside profile pass.

not a marvel fan, but this is outstanding work! Good job

Thank you, I appreciate that!

this is amazing! i never had a need for a cnc machine.... now i do. mpcnc here i come! ha

thank you for this its amazing

This is almost awesome, except for some reason it has Iron man in the center instead of Captain America.

I believe this could be dangerous as my machine is different from yours. I would suggest using your specific CAD / CAM software so the output code will work with your machine.

Beautiful work .
Do you have an stl of this ?

No I do not, however printing can be done via the SVG file.

Hey, im having issues using this design with vectric v carve. everytime i try to calculate the tool path, it indicates i will be cutting through the piece. how thick was the wood that you cut and what were your settings for the 0.5" 60 degree v bit? Thanks in advance. Also did you select each vector individually or as a group when you selected v carve.

I used 3/4" MDF, so with a 90 degree vbit it goes about .42 deep, with a 60 degree vbit it will go .726 deep, if sized to 24" wide. I've re-uploaded the files to my website, with the 6 duplicate pieces removed and a few loops that were not closed all the way. I'l see if I can upload the new files here, if not they're on my website: http://sandyeggo.com/project/marvel-character-disc/

I spent a day trying to machine this using Estlcam with no luck. Can you provide cutter size and gcode for this design? I really want to make one :)

I used a 60 degree vbit for all the carving. I can provide the gcode but do not think it is a good idea as we have very different machines and could be a safety issue. What is the issue you are having?

What kind of wood did you use and what size? Your project looks awesome BTW!

I used MDF to cut each of these and used different wood stains to achieve the different colors. The circles are 24" wide.

this is a beautiful project
I'll make it today for my store
congratulations for your job

Will this work on a laser engraver?

Yes, I did it on my Glowforge laser and it turned out great.

Awesome.. I will give it a try. Just received an eleksmaker laser engraver and I've been wanting to use it for something like this.

One common issue is the design coming out "reversed". If you see that happening, remove the outside perimeter line and try it again, so the proper areas are darkened versus the opposite.

NICE! Which product you used to the wood get dark?

I used a stain and then sanded the top to make it lighter.

Q. newbie, how do you carve this from aspire with the files? they all seem to load in as 2D?

Aspire has a v-carve function that will carve into the pockets of closed shapes. This is what I used to achieve the look.

Hey Sandy,
Thank you for this amazing work :)
I was planning on making a .stl remix of this so I was wondering if you could upload the diameter of the outer ring.
Thank you in advance,

I can upload a top down image, however wouldn't the DXF file provide a quicker and more accurate way to create the STL file?

Stunning work, Thankyou for sharing

Thank you, I appreciate that!

Any chance you could add or post the Vectric files? We have a CNC and Aspire at our local makerspace, and I'd love to make one of these.

This is beautiful! Now I have to find someone with a CNC machine :)

Thank you. You can always see if you have a local maker space near you.

We actually don't have one but I did just remember a family friend has a machine shop that has water jets and cnc machines I believe

That would be pretty cool to see this water jet cut our of steel.

Thanks sandyeggocnc for that beautiful Design ! I managed to transfer the Machine Code into 2 different printable STL versions using different Softwares like tinkerCAD and Fusion360. Unfortunately I am not able to Upload the Files because the License allows no Derivates. If you Change that i would Post the 2 Versions so other People can Print it too.


Comments deleted.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

Done, I've altered the Creative Commons to Share Alike.

Just epic! Great work. Any chance you can upload a .stl file? I would be interested in 3d printing it.

It's a 2D file so there is no current STL (3D modeled) file that exists yet. However I've got a huge social media response to it and assume someone will convert it to STL. If so I will for sure post it.

Hey, any chance of having an STL file ... i'm really hyped about this.. Looks amazing ^^

It's a 2D file so there is no current STL (3D modeled) file that exists yet. However I've got a huge social media response to it and assume someone will convert it to STL. If so I will for sure post it.

has an stl file been created this is so cool its a must print for me, lmk thanks

I am fairly certain you can export an STL from Vectric Aspire.

Thanks. I can do a simple extrude from the file, but would be hard to reproduce the bevels. Interested to see what comes of it.

great job! Did you use only a conical cutter?(like on foto)

I used a 90 degree Amana v-bit (#45701) from Toolstoday.

would you share your toolpaths from either Vcarve or aspire?