High current 18650 holders with integrated spring

by YXC Dec 15, 2017
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this is a great design!, would you mind to share the original model in order to remix it?

You can do anything with the STL file.

well, since I needed to do some modifications, I got bored asking for the original so I ended up doing my own version and made it opensource (fusion 360 file included) so anyone can make it's own modifications as needed, thanks for the inspiration!


k014's Parametric High Current 18650 Battery Holder (opensource)
by k014

you know is harder in order to make it for example, shorter or larger, adaptable for other battery sizes, but, it's ok, will replicate yours and make it opensource, that's the beauty of it :3, thanks for the inspiration, great design

Great execution - thank you for your design! Could you tell me what RC car are you using it in, please?

Thank you, this is a fantastic design. It's so satisfying to print a fully functional mechanical assembly in one shot.

Really efficient design! Well done!

i tried to print one but it seems i kept getting bridging in it . any idea ?

Sorry, I have no idea about it, More details? Try another slicer software?

Hello, Great design!!! Do you happen to have a link where you bought the standoffs? They are very hard to find in my country

Thanks! You can find them at ebay/aliexpress/banggood/amazon.

it would be awesome if you could link these together with like a dove tail joint or something, that way you can add them together side by side.

That's a good idea, just like the Anderson connector? I thought about it, but it's not an Injection molded Parts, so I think it's better to use an adapter.

I was looking for one where i didnt need a spring to make the contact. I love your idea thanks !

Where did you get the stand offs from?

I used some cheap stainless screws and they do not work very well. The coating on them has high resistance. I have been thinking about grinding them down a but but copper lugs would be best.

The stainless screws will be hot! Very dangerous!


All that I've found that are described as copper (aliexpress, ebay) are actually brass.

The ones in the photos look like typical brass.

Brass has 28% the conductivity of copper. But perhaps that's okay here?

Yes, they're brass, please excuse my poor english, and thanks!
XT60 use the same material(gold plated brass). So don't worry, they can handle it.

How much of constant current does it handle?

20A+, But I think it depends on your situation.