E3D V6 Bowden carriage DL V1.2

by CrazyD82 Nov 25, 2017
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When the part cooling fan duct is printed from PLA, it can melt in case of printing on hot (80+C) bed, and can touch it!

hi, can i add a dual 40mm fan ? how to do?

Hi CrazyD82, I really love your design, its clean, simply and very customizable. I have just printed it but I need a longer fan duct, could you please share circular fan duct source files in order to make a longer version?. I would really appreciate it!. I have uploaded a couple of photos to show the problem

Hi Txang. This is more or less how it is supposed to be. The holes in the fan duct point downwards to the nozzle.

I'm also having trouble with the fan duct. I printed the BLTTouch version and the thing is, it's not cooling down the parts that are near the open area of the fan duct. Could you please upload the STL, so I'll try to make a circular version of the fan duct?
Thank you!!

Hey! Love this carriage it works really well with my sn-04n. However, I want to upgrade to an 8mm inductive sensor and was wondering if anyone has made a mount for the 18mm sensor? Thanks!

Has anybody tried to remix this as a Dual Bowden setup?
I'm not experienced enough with design progs, to do it myself.
But would love to see this as a Dual setup

I will be printing this off for my A8 with an E3D (Bowden) hot end
Would like to have one for my A8-M E3D (Dual Bowden) hot ends

Anyone mouted the fan on the side ??instead the bl touch or right side its nice that its in the back but it will hit the display

I made a front mount for the fan, but honestly, you only loose about 5mm of gantry height with the fan in back. It's a really nice design and works well.

Printed this and assembled last night. Fits and works great! Nice work!

is there a way to bring that fan form the back to the front and still be able to have a BLtouch

dumb question still new but learning very quickly. First time printing ABS what should my bed/ hotend temps be? 245/70, I understand every printer can be different and I will benchy it to dial in the settings but a bench mark start would help


I have just started to print this but wondered if there was a non bowden version as well? As I guess this one has the extruder mounted separately away from the print head e.g. on the frame. Is there a non bowden version that allows mounting of a Titan Extruder?

Printed this and assembled yesterday, nice and rigid!

Do you have a smaller fan mount for the top? Or the Fusion360 files? The fan mount hits my aluminium extrusions when at the extremes of X-dimension. This primarily means I can't use BLTouch for any point > X194 (where I would rather do X210). Also, the holes in the rear fan mount don't allow any of my M4 screws to fit in - would prefer a flat surface to mount a pan-head (like the holes on the fan itself).

I really like the rear mounted fan - I tapped the blocks as you suggest and it's super-snug. I printed the fan duct at 0.12 and it's spot-on.

Thank you,

I modded the mount to fit my AM8 setup. Remix is here, feel free to use the STL in your project: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3214019

E3D V6 Bowden carriage DL V1.2 Short Fan Mount
by CAMason


I have some issue with the nozzle touching the bed even after Inset the Z offset.

I updated the configuration.h with the info given.

Here's what I do.
after setting M851 to Z0 and homing with G28, I send G1 Z0 and M211 S0 then I slowly take down the nozzle in 0.1mm increments with the LCD buttons until I feel the old trusty tension between the paper and the nozzle. After that I set M851 with the resulting number in the LCD screen and sendM211 S1 + M500 to store it.

Everything seems fine but when I start a freshly sliced print, the nozzle touches the bed.
My only start code is G28/G28.

Since the BLtouch mount has adjustment screws, it there anything I need to change ?
I measure +/- 8mm from bottom of the probe body to nozzle, and about 2.5mm from bottom of the probe to nozzle.

Thank you

Comments deleted.

I like design but can anyone tell me if the rear mounted fan limits the z axis height?

Love this design, the only issue I have is that my X-Chain didn't mount well.
So, I deigned a new hot end mount, which can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3110718

Feel free to add the mount to the description of this design.

X-Chain Mod for E3D Head

Congratulations for such a nice design! I printed it and it works perfectly!
I am also trying to silence my printer. I put a noctua cooler on the hotend, but after googling a bit, it seems like the blower can't be replaced with a normal cooler. Alas, the blowers are not quiet at all.
So, in my opinion, in order to silence the blower and still have decent printing quality, it would be best to put two blowers (series or parallel) instead of one, and feed them a lower voltage. This way, the airflow will be left intact, but the noise would be lower.
So, the question is... Can you design a dual blower adapter that would also be mounted in the back?

I'm having a terrible time with bridging using the E3D_V6_DL_Part_cooling_fan_duct_Circulair_BLTOUCH_ONLY.stl Is anyone else having this problem? I had been using the similar Mistral 2.1 with the stock A8 hot end configuration and had good success.

DOH! After checking my gcode files, I discovered I had printed the OLD duct design. The good news is that I can confirm the NEW duct design is MUCH MUCH better than the original :)

Is there any setting to relocate the head to center of the table now that it located a further right on the machine?

yes, it is also mentioned in the details.
in configuration.h make sure the X_MIN_POS is set to:
#define X_MIN_POS -13

Hello! I like the project, can you, please, share source files?

Is there a possibility that somebody could do a remix of the clamp for this carriage to be non adjustable? I have been having issues with the clamp coming loose and i would like to see a remix of the clamp for this carriage and tis clamp:

I have been working on joining the two clamps and i am a nood with 3D software. I have been playing for hours and i can not get what i want. All i want is a non adjustable BL touch mount on the carriage clamp.

E3D V6 Bowden BLTouch Clamp for Prusa

Can you modify/lengthen the standard fan model: E3D_V6_DL_Part_cooling_fan_duct to support a volcano heat block?

The standard heat block is 0.475 mm and the volcano is 0.8 mm

My hot end heatsink rotates freely in the base/clamp. Is this okay or do I need to put tape or glue on the part of the heatsink that sits in the mount?

It should be a really tight fit. Probably printed on non calibrated printer? Use some ptfe tape to fix it in place.

Yes, it is definitely a non-calibrated printer. I did two prints of the clamp, one inverted (upside-down) and one as-is. My upside-down piece was loose, the as-is clamp is snug. I guess I should have left it alone. I appreciate your help, and I love the design!

You’re welcome! Good luck putting it all together!

Not related to the part itself, but what CAD program did you use? I've got a student subscription to Autodesk Inventor and it's about to run out, so any advice is welcome. Thanks!

Autodesk fusion360

Have anyone made a Capacitive Proximity sensor adapter for this?

Is the belt holder for the standard A8 belts or the thinner fibre reinforced belts please?

Noone has problem with that fan? it's too close to the bed and sometimes the filament sticks on it

I have had an issue with this as well. The back of the fan duct hangs down and rubs against the print bed. The bottom of the duct appears to be at an angle. The duct is mounted firmly to the back of the bearing, so I'm not sure why it would be different for me. I ended up sanding the bottom until the back end was curved and this solved the problem.

No It doesn't. In reality it is about 3 mm above the bed when the nozzle is all the way down.
If you have filament sticking on to it, you probably have an adhesion problem where the filament lifts from the bed and get's caught on the fan duct. But in reality, this would probably mean it would get stuck to any fan duct.

Great job, this is an amazing setup and I have been very happy with it. Its very sturdy and makes great prints. Thank you for your work on this, it is wonderful. I am going to try the circular end to see if that makes things even better. My only compliant regarding clearance is the fan duct does knock off the clips holding my glass down on my bed. Any suggestion to prevent this?
And as a side note, is there any way you could move the BL touch mount to the front to allow the fan cooling the heat break to move air without so much restriction? Or maybe instead of in front, tuck the BL touch in the back by the part cooling fan.
Thank you again!

are they the same measurements for a 3d touch?

Great work, congratulations!
I printed it for my Anet A8
What about an longest fan duct?
or something similar that I can adapt?

I’m not sure what you mean by “an longest fan duct”. Could you please clarify?

like this

or this

something with more volume/length in the ducts
soz for my english mate

"Mistral 2.1" Extruder Cooling Duct for the Anet A8 Printer
by Leo_N
Cobra - Rear mounted cooler for Wanhao Duplicator i3.

i would like to second this. I was unable to get the belt very tight and i would love to have a belt tensioner. Please add a tensioner to this design. IMHO a belt tensioner is the only thing this design in missing.

I use this belt tensioner and it works very well. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1683070 It also has the advantage that you can adjust it without turning the machine around.

Anet A8 Improved X-belt Tensioner
Comments deleted.

Is it 45mm spacing between the rods X-Axis?

It is the same as in the stock A8

Is not compatible with "Hulk" frame brace, the part_cooling_fan_mount crash with Hulk_Left_Bottom_Support


"Hulk" Frame Brace for the Anet A8
by Leo_N
Comments deleted.

what the length of the m4 screw for the back fan?

It’s in the bill of material. 35mm

Everything is mentioned in the bill of materials.
M4x10 for the fanduct and M4x8 for the fan mount

this is really nice. I have looked through many of these and this one seems perfect for my future bowden. hm if it only came with matching plastic bearings and holders this would be a one stop shop. Looking to go as light as possible.

How do you mount that cooling fan duckt? The backside of my bearings havo no treated holes..

Like i said in the description: you have to tap them with M4 thread in that case. I did as well

Oh sorry, didn't see that! Thanks!


Quick question, did you lower the fan so that it works with anet A8 acrylic frame?


I did it, awesome (with small modification). Thank you (Fan duct to far to the bed, I'll modify) , but great work.

Thanks! Just a question: why does it look like your e3d is mounted upsidedown? In other words, why is the cooling body above the mount?

Ahhhh, :-) no, Because still wait on my E3D (original E3D ordered). What you see is just to hold the teflon tube because the extruder one doesn't have a large hole for the teflon tube :-). Glued this spare upside down and work for the moment great. By the way thank again for this great work, I'll publish the new picture as the E3D comes.

Is there a chain for this desinge ?

No. And i will not be making one either. Chains have a bad effect on printing quality imo.

i'll guess your right , do you know something nice to rap my cables ?

I have sleeved all my cables

Okey thanks where can i get them

anywhere i guess...just google for cable sleeving and heat shrink

Noticed you modified the fan duct! Sweet!

I love the design!

I'm afraid to use it as I think it will hit the top horizontal brace on the top. :(

on my AM8 i've lost about 10mm of printing height...
Maybe in the future i will change te position of the fan to be inline with the fan duct.
But for now it is fine for me.

Well, I printed and tried it. I like the clean look on the front and the unobstructed view of the print head BUT:

  1. The fan duct nozzle is too far back, away from the print head.

  2. I lost a couple of centimeteres of print height due to the fan on the back hitting the top horizontal beam of my AM8.

I've updated the fan duct nozzle. This one is much more efficient and on my setup works great!
With respect to the height loss...on my AM8 i only lost about 10mm?

Sorry I should of mentioned on using an A8, so the height loss is substantially more :(

Thanks Anyway, I guess I'll have to figure my own design out..

The fan mod looks great! Downloading it now. Will be printing the fan mod as soon as the bed heats up.

Love the design. Now all you need is a BLtouch mount.

BlTouch adapter is added!

As the base plate looks almost identical to https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2193695 , I guess you can use a mount designe for that. Something like this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2443459

Anet A8 E3D V6 Bowden MODULAR X Carriage V4 *BEST ONE*
by Don1337

I will create other sensor mounts in the future. But for now i just want to test the concept with the sensor i have

Sounds good brother. Keep up the fantastic work!!

I'm downloading it now, and will see how it goes. It looks like some of the pieces are missing? I'll click the arrow. Hopefully, everything's there. Thanks!

Looks great, I was hoping someone would create something like this. Now I can use my older Bowden Setups.

Looks like it will work, I like the idea of the cooling fan in the back.

nope.. you are loosing in height and you can brake everything of you do not see it before

On my AM8 i loose 5 mm of height. But i've set that in the slicer