Dual Z & Frame Braces for Tevo Tornado and CR-10. Low cost high precision

by pemic, published

Dual Z & Frame Braces for Tevo Tornado and CR-10. Low cost high precision by pemic Nov 25, 2017


I liked very much the CR-10 Dual Z axis by Caster, also the Frame Braces from TomExplorador. So I decided to unite them, and I made some adjustements for the Tevo Tornado. To get the idea of the construction please read the original things, especially look at caster's page https://myfordboy.blogspot.de/p/the-cr10-has-single-z-axis-leadscrew.html .

You need following additional parts:
600mm leadscrew and nut https://goo.gl/fM8znL
GT2 852mm Timing Belt: https://goo.gl/iXa4sv
3 Bearings: https://goo.gl/HnzTqr (1 x idler, 2x right lead screw)
2 x M8 threaded rods
6 x M8 nuts
7 x M5 x 20 screws (idler and lower holder)
7 x M5 x 35 screws (upper holder and geanty plate)
11 x M5 Tee nuts
2 x M3 x 20 screws and nuts (bearing cover left)
4 x M3 x 15 screws and nuts (lead screw nut)
6 x M3 x 10 screws (pulleys)
1 x M2,5 x 10 screw and nut (cuff (manschette8mm.stl))
A few washers.

Following parts you need to print more than once:
6 x BallNutM8
2 x 516_Nut (alternative 2 additional BalNutM8)
2 x pulley-64
3 x Spacer8-7mm (for mounting the gantry plate)
2 x Washer8 (right lead screw: between 64 tooth pulley and upper bearing and between cuff and lower ball-bearing)
2 x Z-RHL-75 (right side upper & lower holder)

For the left side you should use the 100mm holder, on the right side both 100mm and 75mm holder are possible, but the 75mm parts are more rigid.

For the gantry plate I used PETG, because it sees the most heat.
If you don't like to dismount the right Z wagon off the X axis, do it without the inner gantry plate screw, the gantry plate mounting with the 2 remaining screws should be strong enough.
The extruder of the Tevo tornado is higher than the one of the CR-10. If you don't like to loose some mm Z room, install the Tevo extruder turned 90° with the Titan_mount.

I'm new in 3d printing an my cad skills are limited. Please tell me any flaws, may I can improve this thing.

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Putting together all the parts I need.
What size washers should I get and how many?
Is the threaded rod m8-1.0 or m8-1.25?

Comments deleted.

Do you need bearing on the left side?

On the left side you need no additional bearing, use the stock bearing.

Trying to assemble and i think that you need a M5x35mm flatheadscrew for the gantry.

Hello, i wan't to make dual z quickly so i don't want to order from China. I only have the choice for 860mm (430 teeth), it's ok ?

Hello, actually this message is not about the frame support but for the spool holder. Does that attach to the frame? If so, do you have an STL? I bought my printer second hand and it did not come with a mount on spool holder so I’m trying to find one like the one in the picture.

Hello Olivere,
The spool holder is similar to this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2794154 an I used a heat gun to bent it in my prefered direction.

Tevo Tornado - Spool Holder


is the scratch on the left lower backside of the titan-mount wanted?

The STL for the titan-mount is riddled with errors. And the Z-LH-100 has some, too, but at least it still prints.

Can we get the sources files for these? I would like to be able to reparir these 2 parts (and re-upload them for everyone else).

Thanks pemic!

Although I had no problems to print it, redesigned the Titan_Mount to v2 and added it. I hope now it is ok. Please give me feedback if not. There is no source file, because I remixed it using the MS 3D Builder - I can't recommend it. Do you now a better app for such tasks?

Two questions:
1) Did you see any noticable improvements in print quality?
2) How long are the M8 rods for the braces?


Hi Wolfgang,
1) Yes, I see an improvement in print quality. But I did several changes in one time (e.g. driver vref) so I can't say it's all caused by this thing.
2) You need 63cm M8 rods. I bought 1m rods and shortened them.

the other one said 24" so that's what I'm gonna order. Also found out that 5/16 is cheaper in the US (by a lot) and i'm using that instead

Are the 2 rods used for stability the same as the one used for the extra Z-axis?

No, other as the lead screw, the 2 rods for stability are cheap 1 Euro M8 threaded rods.

Now replace the idler by the motor and you get something simpler and better. And it is not a remix anymore.

Hi. how much this build cost? Tia

About 15 Euro.

Hi. Do i need to lead screw for this? or just one?

Hi. You need one 600mm leadscrew to buy. For the second one use the one you already have with your printer.

Would like to build this but is there any information on belts, screws, and bolts you need to build?

Hi, I completed the description.

So the build is exactly the same for the CR-10 and the TEVO Tornado?

I'm finding the top left brace on the CR10 is a small rectangle cut out, but my Tevo Tornao's default plate is much larger overall so it'll take some remixing. I should have it all ready to install by the time my leadscrew arrives.

Yes, the build should be exactly the same. The only difference: the Tevo needs optional the 90° extruder holder to preserve the Z build room.