Anycubic I3 Mega Spool Holder

by Domi1988 Nov 26, 2017
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print without supports possible?
and laying down or standing up?

the cylinder needs to be printed standing up with support.

Dosent fit together the cylinder is 0,12mm bigger than the holder

designing tolerances for a tight press fit for 3d printing is challenging. there are so many variables. have you set the first layer height to 150% or is your bed not leveld tight enough? or maybe over extrusion?

No i have all Layers at 0.3. I opended the Files in CAD and measure it, it can't fit. The holder have 3,5mm space and at this point the cylinder is 3,625mm big.

i am really sorry! for me and for many other people it fits perfect.

Всем привет! Domi1988, спасибо за работу, пришлось отшлифовать фланец штока, не входил в паз, но все получилось хорошо.
Фото не выкладываю, сходство с твоим на 100%. Удачи!

Hi Guys,
Domi1988 thank you for your amazing work. Work's good in the 80% of conditions.
I used this part in my 4 i3 mega, but there are a problems when the filament spool is new (very heavy) and when it is almost finitely (very light).
In Particular with SUNLU spool structure :)
The spool tends to get stuck in the rear part of spool holder and it does not turn anymore.

I have updated the file, lengthening the part and rounding it up.

I printed the spool holder at 20% infill Honeycomb simplified.
I've already tested it for about 400 hours, and it works great.

how do you attach it do you need to undo the bolts and slide it on or does it just snap into place

You dont need to unscrew any bolts! just snap it on and screw in a m3 screw.

thanks was scared to break it if i forced it on

Did you get it on?

yup was a tight fit but its on there thanks

Do you print the cylinder laying down or standing up? What are your suggested settings? Infill % type etc,

please print it standing up!!! i printed all in 0,24 layer height for fast printing and 30% infill. and i used support for the cylinder

Do you have some other type of file for cylinder? I want to make remix of it but its problem to work with stl.

Sorry, this is a remix too. I only designed the holder, not the cylinder.

Do you know the height and dia of first and middle ring? Thats actually all i need

first ring: 52.6mm diameter, 3.6mm height, middle ring: 48.5mm diameter, 4mm height

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Not sure where that screw goes, i dont have anything in that position

It doesn‘t go into the printer, it just prevents the part from coming off the printer

Ah thanks, I was already wondering

I just my Anycubic I3 Mega a couple days ago. I don't want to bad talk another design, but that one was not optimal. In the beginning of the print the filament sensor kept jumping off a running against the extruder. I had to put together the acrylic one from the box to avoid a bad print. I printed this one and it it so well designed and works well with the filament sensor. I printed it on CR-10S in Makergeek Tiger Stripe orange with a 90% infill for strength. It spool and bracket snapped together quickly and then snuggly snapped on the printer gantry like an OEM part. A great addition to the printer. I would post a photo, but designer does not give that option.

Thank you very much for the good feedback and the tip! I feel like a professional designer :D
I am sorry you cant post a picture, i have no idea how to change this setting.

That holder is dialed in. I was able to attach a photo to the comment.

Best one so far I think. I had to use a mallet to get the spool into the arm and trim with a knife the edges that snap on the printer to get them in. Everything is tight but that's a good thing. The M3 screw was a nice touch. I wish the original spool had a larger lip on the end. I feel like the reel could jump off.

The piece is slightly shorter and can not be snagged

What do you mean? do you have problems to snag both parts together or are you not able to attach it to the printer?