by Mag-net Dec 2, 2017
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Probably one of the most challenging prints ive done and by far one of the most rewarding. Love your stuff. Will be doing many more. Thankyou

I applaud you, this looks amazing, you are very talented. So so so beautiful.

Wonderful design! I've made a remix scaled 200%. I hope you will like it! Enrico of Cosmo3d (http://www.cosmo3d.it - http://www.facebook.com/cosmo3d)

Beautiful Design. I much prefer the mid-evil type of dragon, like this one, over the serpent types. But I still love all dragons. This looks like one of the pewter dragons I collected in the 80's and 90's. I would love to print this but alas my talents are more mechanical than artistic and I'd most likely spoil it during post processing. But who know may still give it a shot. Again this is a beautiful and very creative design and artistic display and Ill be following you to see what else you come up with.

can you add a file of the hole thing not just parts I would love to print this 1st dragon that looks like a dragon that I have seen that has been a full dragon

It's already uploaded...

thank you I was not abel to see it last night looked now and it was there all I seen last night was the gear image and could not get full thing

Odd I am only seeing the parts I'll look agen

Odd I am only seeing the parts I'll look agen

Lol. Thanks and I’m glad you like. I did talk to a couple dragons before designing this model and they said humans have it all wrong.
Apparently, Wyvern are just distant relatives that come from a place called Camden in the UK. They could not explain Godzilla:P

Absolutly Beautiful design! definitely my liking type. i might trying to print it had it have to glue sliced part together with risk of bottom layer deformation. however maybe i take a lot of reference from him when i build another articulated dragon if you did't mind


Thank you.
I really like your Articulated Serpent. Feel free to reference my dragon. I look forward to seeing more work from you.