Steam Controller Shoulder / Bumper / Trigger Mechanism

by Patola Nov 27, 2017
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Dumb question, but how do I remove the trigger from my old, broken mount?

Nice part, I've broken a number of left bumpers playing rocket league. Hoping I can use these on my older controller that's no longer covered by the warranty. However, I think the file names for left/right bumpers are mixed up (If they are supposed to be with respect to where the bumpers are when you are holding the controller playing). I should have checked the model more carefully before having them printed, but I'm commenting here so others don't make the same mistake.

This is awesome, I tried it and it worked great. there were a few alterations i had to make though. The bumper arm was out too far and thus when assembled always pushed on the button. I heated it up with a torch and moved it in closer, this fixed the problem. I had told the print guy that was the part that originally broke, and its possible he just overcompensated that spot. Also I found heating the spring and then placing it made it mushier than the original, so I hot glued it instead, which pushed it up a little providing more resistance. Also I see what you mean by the "click". The new part has one, but it's just not as pronounced. It's definitely the bump where the spring sits, the steam one even has a slight part circle that trigger hits/rests on before sliding off. Anyway great work!

I created this account solely to encourage your endeavor, and to commend the effort thus far! This is excellent work, and once others' controllers start to fail from use or wear, I guarantee this will have much more interest. I speculate my left bumper was flawed or defective from the outset. How can I prove that without evidence, though?

The area where the lever connects to the frame on the left bumper sub-piece broke about a week ago for my controller (~14 months of casual use). Note, I've never broken any controller before this. After many hours with countless games including Resident Evil 4, Super Smash Bros., etc.; all of my Gamecube controllers still work flawlessly. I altered my Steam review to no longer recommend this controller; in good conscience, I cannot advise others to purchase this until durability concerns are addressed. Why do controller prices keep climbing, but durability keeps faltering?

My left bumper worked great 99% of the time, but there was a few instances when pressing too much on the side of the left bumper button where my left bumper would act intermittently. My right bumper exhibited none of the wonky bits my left bumper had (albeit extremely rarely). This part (or perhaps 2-3 parts if it's redesigned) should be metal or silicone on the tiny area where the lever connects to the frame. For now, I'm gluing the pieces together with cyanoacrylate hoping like hell it'll last until this piece is fully refined and available for purchase. Kudos!

Update: After 10 hours' use, the cyanoacrylate is holding up. I consider my repair a success; while I was at it, I reinforced the area around this failure-prone portion with ~4 layers and let it cure for about 90 minutes.

Its times like these where I'm left musing why the battery ejectors are better built than the bumpers. Overengineered battery ejectors take precedence over the raison d'être of the controller, the buttons...

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Hello, Thank you so much for your work on this.

I have a problem though, the paddle sticks out to far to get the bumper back on top. Other wise it seems to work. The little tip of the paddle that touches the tactile switch is a little off but its seems to click it okay. Any tips?

Can you ask again in one week? Then I'll change the model for you. Currently though I'm in a bit of a personal situation.

Awesome Reply, thank you.

I will attempt to alter it if I can and will send you what I have in a week. :)

Ive broken 10+ controllers on the LB button, from various time frames, months to weeks to days. The button implementation there is severely flawed and I'm sick of sending in the controller for replacements and waiting weeks to get back to playing Rocket League. I resorted to having multiple controllers on hand instead. I'm going to try this out and see what will happen. Hopefully we can improve on the implementation and stop breaking controllers

I hope you are successful, I don't think there's much else to do to get it perfect, I think that a microscopic dent somewhere in the part would create the 'clicking' effect for the trigger button. Please let me know of your conclusions, I will probably get back to the design and change it accordingly.

How about printing in ABS ?

Doesn't work because ABS is too soft, the spring effect needed for the little flap is too weak. Also, in ABS the anisotropic effect is even worse than in PLA - which means, the low adherence of layers cause the vertical resistance to pull to be even weaker, so the hold and dents of the tabs would easily break.