Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Adoptabot V1.2 Modified for Ramps and E3D V6

by bobblejot Nov 30, 2017
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Awesome! bearing size for extruder?

Hi the extruder bearing was a MR105ZZ 10mm OD x 5mm ID x 4mm Depth.

What did you use to mount the stepper for Y axis? I don't have that nylon brick that comes with the smalls an also I am using and 8mm threaded rod.

Hi the mount is integrated, the z nut is in the list of parts to print.

Awesome work! In what orientation did you print the Ramps Cover? I am trying to not use supports.

Hi i printed the cover on it's end still had to use a few supports though.

Can I turn a printrbot 1405 into this?

I'd love to, but I want to compare the BOM of this to see what I have to buy beforehand

Not if your 1405 has the large1124090 Kysan motors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfv4mY3GL68

Damn, I have those, all the same, I wish I had the skills to make it for the 1124090 Kysan motors.

The 1405 would be closer to the original version of the Adoptabot. Only had a quick look but don't think you would need to change much other than the coupler for the Z axis. Basically the Adoptabot is a 3d printed version of the Printrbot Smalls ( i think ).

Love it! Know what you mean i'm from the UK to and always find some parts are hard to get hold of.

Have you thought about a bowden extruder? make the printer head lighter?

Also May scale this down for Nema 14 and this

Aliexpress is your friend for all of this stuff :-)

Did look at a bowden setup but wanted to see what this would be like first, plus there are still a couple of things i'm not happy with but want to run it for a bit before modifying anything else.

Biggest issue i have at the moment and need to do a better search for is the Coupler for the Z axis, the original from Printrbot is very slim and all the standard 5 to 8 couplers are too large of a diameter for the Adoptabot. The one i used i made up myself from a bit of scrap round bar i had. So still need to find a better solution.

A scaled down version with Nema 14 steppers bowden and that little heated bed would be quite cool :-)

Sorry for the delay in response, maybe swapping to nema 14 on x y and using a nema 17 with leadscrew? on my prusa i use M5 bar with these kind of coupling and they're great

They don't give alot in the length but great with dealing with misalignment