Rubik's Cube

by Just5Fun Mar 10, 2014
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i just wanted to point out that there are only 4 centre pieces included in the actual print assembly where 6 are needed, one for each side. i am currently printing and will let you know how it goes

True I think I was very tired when I made that assembly. From what I've heard the cube does not function well. This is due to printing inaccuracies and weaknesses of most printing filaments such as PLA. In an ideal world if this cube where made out of the right material and printed near perfect it would function. I'm going to start working on a version 2 when I get the time.

I have problems with this design. I am using a Printrbot Simple. Every time I try to push a center piece in, it breaks. I suggest rethinking the design or creating an alternative solution.

Yeah I need to thicken the center pieces. I will work on a V2 when I get the time

And I resently printed the cube when I printed the cube the center piece broke that connects to the core of the cube so can u improve it by making it a little harder that thinner

lol this cube...
4 good 6 u

he should make a video about printing and putting it together

I should but I don't have much free time

he should make a video about printing and putting it together

he should make a video about printing and putting it together

The core and middle prices look good, but the edge and corner pieces look like they would pop a lot

Thanks for the feedback. Since i've made this i've learned some new tricks in inventor and will utilize those skills to make improvements if needed. But before then I will at least need to print it out which I am still working on. As soon as I print it i'll either make needed revisions or post pics and say it's tested and functional. Thanks again I'll be sure to pay attention to those pieces.

Yeah, i need a printer too, im finding some stuff to print when i get mine (hopefully soon.) but this ball design looks great for printing (because you cant print springs and screws..) so i look forward to making this in the future. good work so far

Thanks I was worried about the center pieces. It may need some lubricant (which I would advise) and it should work. Good luck with the printer and thanks a lot, I'm just happy people like my work.

I've seen it, it seems like it would be a bit loose, and the corner cutting doesn't seem like it would work well without springs.

You are correct, the mechanism is weak but I had to make it that way so it didn't need springs which could cause issues during printing. I made this a while ago before I had my dial calipers.