HTC Vive TPcast battery holder

by stu3d Nov 28, 2017
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Can the holder fall off?
It looks like the holder is only held at the top edge.

I think it would be better if it holds on both sides.
For example, with separate lower edge, held by screws.
Because it does not have to be removable quickly.

I've attached the battery horizontally with tape.
Disadvantage: It may happen that I bump against it with a controller.
For example, if I get something out of the virtual backpack (Rec Room ...).
Or pull a sword from my back.

Previously I had the battery attached vertically (rubber bands), that was handy.
A version with a vertical battery would be very good.

And a holder for the annoyingly long cable. For example between tpcast receiver and rotary knob.

Or a holder like this:
That would be great.

And a version for people without a Deluxe Audio Strap.
On the loose textile strap of the simple strap.

And of course a "Deluxe Audio Strap" for 3D printing.
It does not have to be as slim as the original.
The mechanics (toothed racks, gears ...) may be larger, so that they are robust in 3D printed.
Incl. empty headphones. You can put headphone speakers in it.
For example, from Sennheiser HD100, these unfortunately rot (cable insulation crumbles etc.), but good sound.

Fantastic idea! The natural counterbalancing feature thing is definitely a big added bonus. I just have to get a 3D printer and try this out!

Awesome build! The holder seems a little high almost in the way of the DAS tightening knob, any way you can lower it? I had to run extra cable slack on the bottom of the holder.

Uh... No one has said it, so I will: the reason the TPcast doesn't support head mounting the battery isn't just comfort, but safety. This type of battery is capable of very lethal explosions under the right circumstances. I recommend that this mount be avoided at all costs, however each of your lives are your own. I know that the odds of such a failure are extremely low, but I wouldn't trust Anker with my life.

and what about the Smartphone VR with the battery in front of the face?

I would think a phone blowing up in my ear would be more dangerous.

Thanks for bringing the dangers of lipo batteries to peoples attention (it was brought up on Vive reddit), the very shiny Anker website seems to take safety seriously. Like you say the risk of failure is incredibly low and personally I am more concerned about the lipo headtorch I wear on my forehead regularly.

I tried to have this printed and it kicked up an error adding to cart. It recommended using Netfabb online service to repair the file. It says it repaired it successfully, but I'm a little leery of ordering from their fixed file since I don't know exactly what it changed. Can you check your file and re-upload please?

I think you downloaded the wrong model, file ending 2b is the latest, I have now removed the old one, sorry about that. I hope nobody who is paying to have it printed managed to get past the cart with the old file although I have been using that version for 3 weeks no problem.
I checked both the files and only the old file had an error. Netfabb online is excellent by the way.

Hi! Already have this design in daily use, can't wait for the improved version. Thanks a lot for the awesome work! (also have the tx module holder which is also great btw)

Thanks, glad you find it useful, new version now available

Hi, is there any chance you could put your work files up here? I am interested in trying some modifications but an STL file isn't very good to work with. Thanks.

Awesome Idea, looking forward to what you come up with for the next version!

Thanks, next version now available.

Awesome. This is just what I was looking for! I think TPCast missed the boat by not including an option to mount the batter to the back of the Vive. It actually isn't that heavy and serves as a counterweight, which may actually help with comfort since it shifts more of the weight off of your face. I've been resorting to using twisty ties, but this looks like a much more elegant solution!

Keep up the good work!

Glad it's useful, a much better version will be here in a few days. It is designed to fit the das which I assume you have. Have you seen my tpcast tx module holder?

Yes, I have the DAS. I look forward to the new version!

I did see your module holder, but I was wondering what your experience with mounting on the ceiling has been. I have a fairly large play space 4x3m and I can't decide whether coverage would be better mounting on the ceiling or mounting on the wall. I worry that on the ceiling it will not have good coverage toward the edges of my player space.

New version now available.
Works perfect in centre of 3.6x2.7m space, had a few glitches with it mounted half way along 3.6m wall just above head height.

Hi new version looks nice! I was wondering do you still need the gaps for the tape? If not, wouldn't it be less flex and more stable if solid and also maybe easier print without support? Or do you still use the tape to the DAS? I haven't printed yet since a little worried about stability and weight... how do you find it when swinging your head around playing more taxing games?

I just read that you still use the tape in the description. Would it be possible to make a sort of lip at the bottom similar to the top for the DAS? Not one that wraps around the DAS... just flat to the bottom of the DAS bottom strap. Then you would hook the top and the bottom would catch enough to keep stable and in place. Then maybe could get rid of the tape... and then also could push the battery closer to the DAS for better stability. Just a thought... let me know what you think or if you already tried something like that. Thanks.

I personally wouldn't trust it to stay in place if it just relied on clips, I would still use tape which you can hardly see. If it was a consumer product to sell then tape wouldn't be acceptable
There is very little flex at that point, I have just unsuccessfully tried to break the tape lugs off and now my fingers hurt :).
No support is required if the model is printed on either end, I should have uploaded it like that.
The first version was okay but this one with the lip is going nowhere, very rigidly mounted to the das.
I don't notice the weight when stationary, there is bound to be more load when looking around but I haven't had a problem in about 20 hours of Serious Sam & Fallout4 where you have to watch your back and I am susceptible to neck problems.
The headset without battery (but with tpcast bits) weighs1060g, with battery 1415g, as a comparison my motorbike crash helmet weighs 1550g.
The battery is already as close as possible to the das strap, 1.9mm.

Hey, I printed the new version and it works pretty well--the mounting to the DAS is solid, and the holder is definitely not going anywhere. That being said, one issue I've been having is that the battery can still slide back and forth, and even fall out. This is especially problematic if playing an intensive game like Gorn or Space Pirate Trainer.

My plan is to attach some velcro tape to the holder and the battery, which should keep it in place. Right now I'm using stout rubber bands which also works.

That being said, I wanted to suggest that you might consider adding additional clamps/wings that extend around the end of the battery on one side, and the end of the TPCast unit on the other side. They wouldn't necessarily have to clamp down solidly, just serve as stoppers to keep the battery more or less in place. Although, for a really solid fit, extending the holder so that it cups the battery and TP Cast unit would make it extra sturdy.

Anyway, it's just a thought, and even as it is now it's a pretty solid holder. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

Edit: Actually I discovered that just by adding a bit of folded over paper towel underneath the battery it ended up being held solid. So, I don't know what the problem could be. Maybe my print was slightly incorrectly sized, or the plastic was not hard enough? Weird... Anyway, it looks like no modification is really required, mine was presumably just a bit off, but putting a little bit of paper towel underneath is enough to fix it.

It wasn't really designed to be used without something to hold battery in place securely. I use a piece of tape, which looks okay, but think I will upgrade to a rubber band. I have tried velcro straps but other two solutions better I think. I have just got Gorn & my upper body aches like mad, battery went nowhere.

Hey, I realized that you can use the back of the holder (where it hangs on the back of the DAS) for cable management. Just wind the ridiculously long cable around there, and it's pretty much completely out of the way!

Thanks for the tip, before I cut all the cable ties does the cable get in the way of the knob that tensions the das?

No, it winds tight enough that it really doesn't. They are close to the bottom, but not enough that it effects the functioning. The actual mount actually affects the knob more than the wire. I've attached a picture.

It looks like the wire is touching but that's just because it's being pushed up because it's sitting on a surface, when actually worn the wire hangs down a bit more. Also, if you tighten it up more and use a cable tie you can probably get it tighter than this, this was just loosely wrapped.

When wrapping around, I think it works better if you try to keep the cord flat. I found that having the unit opening on the left side resulted in the least extra slack. On the right it's either too short or way too long, but if you get creative you might be able to get it to work that way.

Another tip, when doing this make sure to leave enough slack in the cord between the wind at the back, and the front port where the wires go in. If you tighten it up too much then you can end up with the wire digging into your head, and you can't really change it without undoing the whole thing. I found putting the HMD on my head and tightening it into position was a good way to judge whether enough slack was left.

That looks far tidier than the way I have the cables at the moment, thanks.

I printed it out and looks good and fits well. I can see how the battery is already as close to the DAS as possible in the center. Unfortunately for me the battery on the back of my head seems to be just too heavy. I already was using a small counterweight but I don't think I can deal with that much weight and torque. But thanks for designing this! I am sure there will be others it works well for.

Sorry to hear you can't use it, quite surprised given that you already use a counterweight. Thank you for your input here and elsewhere on the web.