PSU Cover with Switch and XT60 Connector

by Badbadtz Nov 28, 2017
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Hi, nice work! Do you have an editable file? (Fusion360 etc) Thank you

Hi, I printed the front part and have trouble fitting in the power socket. The shorter side of the cutout measures 18.9 - 19mm in my print, while the socket measures ~19.8mm. Weird, because I ordered the exact same one.

Hi. Can I ask you to add 1 more cutout for a second XT60 connector? Like that it would be possible to add a LED light on the Ender. Many Thanks.

Why not just power the LED's from the cable already going to the printer? The 12V rail is all 1 circuit so there is no need to have another unnecessary cable going back to the PSU

Ahh ok, if it's all 1 circuit i will do so :) thank you.

I tried to print this tonight. After slicing with Cura, all the port opening get covered making it unusable. Pictures attached.

I have successfully printed this both using Cura and Simplfy3D. Neither slicer does this for me so I'm guessing it must be a settings issue but I'm not sure which one

How do you connect the AC10A 250V C14 Switch to the power supply? Also same with the XT60?


You could use crimped spade connectors but I opted to solder and heatshrink wires directly to the terminals.

Bridge the live from the IEC320 to the unswitched terminal on the switch.
Switched live on the switch goes to live terminal on the PSU.
Bridge neutral from the IEC320 to neutral on the switch (this is for the lamp in the switch) and then connect the same neutral terminal to the neutral terminal on the PSU.

The XT60 is simply connected to the 12V rail of the PSU where you would normally connect the printer to.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info. Any chance of a drawing showing the wires attached but not a schematic as I don't understand them.

what psu did you receive ? .. is it a sompom S-250-12 ?
... would be nice to see/mention the name of the psu.. i want to print the same cover but didnt know if it fits to mine ..

Nice clean design. One comment about ventilation - figure out the total surface area for the ventilation holes in the power supply and match that in your enclosure. Otherwise, you risk having the power supply shut down due to overheating.

Thanks I hear you. But apart from a gap above the connector strip this thing doesn't have any purpose placed ventilation cutouts in the metal casing. I ran the PSU in this case for over 15hrs and it ran cold. I was actually thinking to slow the fan to reduce noise a touch.

Not sure if you noticed but I did add holes in the back half as well as the vent lines of the front half. The rear of the PSU has very little in the way of ventilation to begin with.

Oh and I didn't want to go too big on the vents in case a child goes poking stuff in it

Good point about keeping little fingers from poking stuff into the PSU.