Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Game Boy Zero Case / customized holders for internals

by MickeyMustang Nov 29, 2017
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Hallo, welche Elektronischen komponeten hast du neben dem Rasp pi zero benutzt?

Hey, für den Bau bin ich den Anleitungen auf http://www.sudomod.com gefolgt. Da gibt's alles von Auflistungen der Bauteile bis detaillierte Beschreibungen wie man was macht.

I love it! <3 I wonder what parts did You use besides rpi zero. I have a 3D printer and I'm thinking about making GameBoy Zero for myself.

Also... One thing to keep in mind is this print does not include a battery compartment cover. He tested a repro case cover and it fits perfectly (I did the same). So you can either buy a cheap Chinese repro case for the cover of just print one from one of the many print files here (that would make color matching much easier)

can you provide a link for the repro case cover?? Thanks!

Look up the facebook group "retropiehandhelds". Add a dot com to that to go to their webpage.

If you scroll through the facebook group you'll see where he posted about this print design and his progress with it.

I believe he included pics with the GBZ internals he used.

Pardon me, but could you also add a BOM and thank you for your hard work and sharing!

looks great. what program did you use to model it?

I used OpenSCAD. If I had to do it again I would probably try Fusion 360