Dual Z and Bed Mount for Hypercube

by azorko Nov 29, 2017
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Have you had any issues fitting lm8uu bearings into the body/clamp? I for the life of me can not get my bearings to fit inside.. I have printed over 9 full MPCNC machines on the same printer (da vinci jr pro) all of those parts have been accurate. I stuck a caliper on my lm8uu bearings and they are 15mm wide dead on... struggling here lol.. Are there other lm8uu bearings that fit in these that I need to purchase?

Hi Neil.
No I have no issues, but lm8uu fits very tight.
The .stl holes are 15 mm diameter, 24 mm along. May be you printer is a little overextruded.
I can modify the holes making them a litte bigger in order to solve your problem. Do you think 15.2 will be enogh? or preffer bigger. Please confirm and will ad .stl files requested
Regards, Andrej

This is as far in as I can get them...

Just in case i measured the provided .stl and is ok. You have realy a big diference. Did you measured the printed piece?

You have no idea how much I would appreciate that. Bummer is I wonder how many other I will be affected... I printed two sets of each lol.... I have never had this issue before I wonder what changed...

Tonight I will print both pieces to check it.

When I I home from I I'll print a calibration cube. Something must be weird. Odd thing is I'm using their slicer and everything. I have not changed anything.

Hi Neil,
Did you solve your issue?
I printed a file to check it and the lm8uu fits correctly. See images.


I really appreciate you helping me out buddy. I tried installing the slicer software on an entirely new machine. Updated the firmware on the printer (as it's been in my closet for 5months now). I recalibrated and printed still didn't fit. I then upped my z height by .2mm thinking maybe it was just squeezing it enough to cause issue. Still had the problem.... so unless it's something weird the proprietary slicer is doing I don't know. I was however able to resolve it by simply scaling the part to 101%. Printed again and now we have tight yet solid fit!

I am happy you solved your issue.
Meanwille I will update both files tonight increasing the size of holes to 15.2 mm to prevent other users to have the same issue.

Hi, and thanks for files, finally found dual z for 2020, i have remixed holes, as i use 3mm screws. Let me know if anyone needs it.