Anycubic i3 Mega Hotbed Cable Chain Mount

by formateins Nov 30, 2017
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did you turn your bed 90 degrees for this chain set up? or am I mistaken from looking at the photos?

Yes. Otherwise a drag chain won't work.

Somehow Amazon-Links stopped working on Thingi. I updated the links, thanks for pointing out!


Cool mod :)
Did you use the original cable or did you enlarge it?
Is it easy to disassemble the hotbed? What programme did you use for creation, 123d? Would it be ok to get the source files to change it a bit?

Lot of questions ;)

Many thanks

a) Original cable, had to extend the wires (don't like it too tight)
b) Yes.
c) I modified the STL directly in C4D.
d) There are no source files. :)

hey, very nice mod!

I happen to have the same cable chain from another project.
Would be nice if you could please answer two questions before I go ahead and print your files:

1) how many chain links are you using from the one you linked? The original stl from your remix recommended 26, but I think your chain is larger.
2) What do you mean by "[..] and attach only a small piece at the opening hole." ?

cheers and thanks in advance! :)


  1. Depens on how much cable you stick through the hole. I used 22 links, w/o the mounts.
  2. I used a small piece from the cable sleeve to cover the bended wires at the hole.

Cheers & good luck!

Why buy a chain when you can print one? :-)

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super génial merci

merci et beaucoup de succès