Hybrid Voronoi Christmas tree decoration

by ledeev001 Nov 30, 2017
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I used your tree and drilled a hole in the bottom and put them on leds

Nice remix. Which material did you use for your tree?


These trees do have a lot of success !
As I didn't have any carbon rods, I printed a "trunk" with 7mm diam. Then glued everything in place with epoxy.
And it works like a charm !


I hadn't thought of using an octagon, that's really clever. I haven't actually tried printing the shafts on their own. I had originally combined the shaft with the top of the tree and the top of the base, but that proved to be too brittle so changed the approach and ordered some CFRP rod. I toleranced everything at +0.2mm and everything fits together snugly.

I sliced my tree at 0.2 layer height and you are quite right, the bottom layer while printing is a jumble of dotty bed-release bait.

The octagonal press-fit idea came from https://makezine.com/2015/07/22/tips-3d-printing-press-fit-parts/ . I think his parts are a bit bigger and maybe not as sensitive to the exact print dimensions.

I've made four of them, trying to nail the right dimensions to press-fit everything without gluing or shaving. I remade the posts at an OD of 2.8mm and an ID of 1.5mm, octagonal, and that fit the base. The bottom hole in the tree needed a little help against elephant foot; I opened it up with a ~1mm tall 3.6mm cylinder. The top hole was also a little small (which is surprising - I would have expected it to match the base) and that I enlarged to 3.3mm. The hole in the star was a little large for my shafts, and I resized it down to 3mm.

Unfortunately, when the differences in the critical dimensions are down in the ~0.2mm range and my nozzle is 0.4mm, it's quite sensitive to the precise printing and slicing behavior. A different printer or a different slicer might mean different results.

But thank you very much; these are really good looking.

This is simply lovely.

I had to drop the tree 0.3mm because as rendered the first layer was a zillion itty bitty dots, and that predictably became a disaster.

I didn't have any trouble printing the shafts. They're plenty strong. (You did print them lying down, right?) However, getting them the right size was finicky. The base of the tree had some elephant foot shrinking the hole, so I had to clean that out, and the as-rendered shafts were still a bit too big for either the top of bottom of the tree. I made new 2.8mm hollow octagonal shafts with 1.5mm inside diameters, and those fit into the tree and the base fine, but were too small for the star. (Probably the difference is that the tree is printed vertically while I printed the star on its side.) I glued it, but some additional tweaking of the model seems appropriate.