Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Parametric Pulley Belt

by Vivalize Dec 1, 2017
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hi! im onto designing some harmonic drive using timing belts.

any way this library can be tweaked to draw the tooths on the outside of the belt?

Hey, this is really cool, I'm just wondering how far have you gotten with your TPU printed belt? I'm thinking of just printing belts instead of buying them. prices add up fast.

I would still invest in a regular belt, you can find them pretty cheap usually. I only whipped this together because I wasn't very patient waiting for my belt to ship. While it did work better than expected, there's still a few noticible downsides that would prevent me at least from using it in anything but prototyping:
Using it for those few days showed a few things:
First of all, the belt lasted much longer than I expected. Even after a lot of use, the TPU didn't seem to wear down at all like I would imagine it to. However, it turned out there another problem. TPU (or at least the kind I have) seems to have a bit of "slickness" to it, similar to nylon. This wasn't ideal, because I noticed the belt would skip teeth more often under heavy loads because of the slickness. This could probably be countered by either using a different flexible material that's a little more "dry" like rubber, or you could just add a few less teeth onto the belt to keep it tighter around the pulleys. This is probably necessary anyway since the TPU does have a bit of stretch to it.

Thank you for the reply! I'm printing a belt as we speak, because I want to have AT wheels on my DIY board and I don't have the patience for the actual belt to arrive XD. and i live in suburb and roads aren't the best so rocks get cought in the belt and snaps it. and i already have a idler pulley system for tighter belt tension. I'll get back to you after few day of use!

That sounds awesome!
I just had my second (normal) belt snap on me less than a week after getting it, so I'm beginning to see how valuable a 3D printable belt would be... Let me know how it goes for you, I'll be testing this design again for a while. Also, what kind of tensioner do you use for your belt? It's been hard finding a compact one for my board.

I drilled a hole through my motor mount and used a #10-24 1in screw with 2 skate bearings on it. it works well. also, I've been trying different teeth number belts, my first 300mm one is not working well because my TPU is way too stiff and it slips. I'm gonna try 285 mm next.