Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Wizard puzzle box

by RubenvT Dec 1, 2017
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14.09.2018: I will create a new and improved version very soon and will update this here.

Thanks for the design!

I’ve now printed up one of these with custom knobs for the recipient rather than the sun/moon/stars shown here. I used nGen for some of the parts, and Polylite PLA for others.

A few notes:

  1. This thing is larger than I was expecting. Outer dimensions are around 8.75 x 6.25 x4 inches.
  2. I had to sand some of the puzzle pieces to get them to slide smoothly and the edges of the inner top to fit easily into the box. For reference, my printer usually makes snap-fit parts when I include tolerances of around 1.5mm. I did have a little horizontal first layer expansion, so YMMV - if you can avoid that expansion, the designed tolerances may be perfect for your printer.
  3. I had a gluing mishap when assembling the two top layers - it’s difficult to glue the two flat surfaces together without accidentally leaking some of the glue into the channels where the puzzle pieces are meant to slide. Superglue happens to be really strong, so I broke a few pieces attempting to disassemble. Given how long it takes to print these large flat surfaces, this is at least a day’s worth of setbacks for me, which is unfortunate, but allows me to improve the design for the second attempt.
  4. Despite appearances, the puzzle is not rotationally symmetric, as the lid has an offset towards one of its longer sides. Still, one of the sliding puzzle pieces did not extend sufficiently out of the side of the top to slide into the slot in the box, regardless of my assembly orientation. I’ll be examining this further in my next iteration.

All in all, this is a great base design for a simple puzzle box for children. Since I now need to reprint the top, I intend to remix it slightly to include tolerances appropriate for my printer, and snap-fit joints for the two halves of the lid that will serve as separate channels to draw excess glue into, if glue still proves necessary.

as i have a cr-10 now, i will try to create the full version and redesign the whole box, to make everything better.