28mm Scale Omnisphere

by dutchmogul Mar 20, 2014
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beautiful job!
How do you color the miniatures? Do you use spray to finish it or what?
Thanks a lot!

Hey, thank you! actually, I print in black filament (ABS myself, though PLA will work just as well if not better) and paint directly onto the surface. I use acrylic model paints, like Citadel. I don't use a spray finish, as the paint doesn't tend to chip off of plastic models.

Thank you for your answer and suggestions! So, normal acrylic paint? It takes time no??
I wonder of mouthing like that http://my3d.de do you think would be possible with a home printer and well,a 3d scanner .. ?
I appreciate,


I think that could definitely be done! You'll want water-based acrylics for models. You can find them in any hobby shop that caters to miniature gaming. It dries in seconds, so it really doesn't take much time at all.

All finished- Thanks for the Awesome model!
Stats on this print
MakerBot Replicator 2
MakerBot Cool Gray PLA
20% infill- 2 shells- .20 mm Layer Height
Weight- 1lb 1 1/2oz- 495G
Total Print Time- 37 hours 12 min
I ran files through NetFabb to make any needed repairs
I have included all of the pics during the print as well as my notes

Man, I just saw it! I am beyond impressed! I'd like to link it in our next kickstarter update if that's cool with you.

sure thing. that would be awesome!

I started printing this yesterday evening... 15 hours down 14 to go.. printing at 20% infill- 2 shells-.20mm layer height.
no raft no support .. stay tuned

Beautiful, and congrats on being featured!

lol, just loaded this to print out.. wow.. when you say it takes up the whole build platform you werent kidding :)

what settings did you use? how many print hours?

I haven't even started printing it yet, I just pre-generated the gcode so when I do go to print it I dont need to spend ages slicing it. Still have not decided what resolution to print it at, as I am still getting the 28mm figures right, no point printing this out until I can get the characters to print out well.

Man, haha... yeah, it was a true printing endurance test for me. I hope yours goes more smoothly.

>So, this is officially the biggest piece I've ever printed
really? how small is your printer ^^ 28mm = 2,8cm about 1 inch...
i think you mean 280mm = 28cm..

Haha, yeah, 28mm scale means that the average human character is 28mm tall at eye-level. Its also called heroic scale.

28mm refers to the scale of the models, including the figurines and such. 28mm per full-scale meter, perhaps?

what % infill -Shells and layer height did you use when printing?

Oh, I printed mine at a .2 layer height with 10% infill. However, I'd do the infill a bit higher if I were you, because the floor can get holes in it at 10% (I had to piece mine together, and the floor bit was printed at the bottom of one of those pieces). Not sure how much, sadly, but I might say 20-50%?

will do.. I should be able to start this project tomorrow evening..

Awesome! Let me know how it turns out! Pics!

Congratulations on being featured, this design deserves it! Hope the Kickstarter is a success, I tip my fedora to you.

What printer are you using to print out the models? (they look very clean)

Well, I use a Replicator (one) for most of my models. The 28mm figures pictured with the Omnisphere were from Shapeways. I'm trying to get my replicator models of that scale the same level of detail, but its not quite there... yet.

I may print one of these, very kool

Question about the print. Did you cut the building just below the top of the stairs for printing? Or did you have a problem?

Haha... soooo many problems. A healthy printer could run this no problem, but working with my rickety old machine and printed ABS plungers, I was salvages big chunks of the print and assembling them.

Great work Dutchmogul, I am a big fan of your work.

I noticed I have that same seam at the top of the stairs even though I printed it in one go and don't see that seam at all on the 3D model file. Must be the spirits of 3D telling us it to make it in pieces LOL

Oh, for sure. Haha, I often get those cracks in super-long prints. ItchyPigcreations made one and it printed flawlessly. No idea how he did it.

28mm Scale Omnisphere

Incredible work here!! I bet you have to print a motherload of buildings now :P

Thanks, Andy! Haha, you would think, but I'm only just starting in on the buildings. Believe me, I'll have cityscape shots before long....

Haha! well, I might try and print this building, I'll scale it up, cut it and live in it when it's done :P Congrats on getting featured btw ;-)

Fantastic! Good luck on Kickstarter man!

Thanks, Jason!

Just backed as well. Good luck with the Kickstarter!

Thank you! We're pretty excited over here. Dig the new flatmini thief, by the way.

This rules. I just backed the project! Best of luck to you and the rest of the crew at Ill Gotten Games!

Many thanks, Jim!