MiSTer - Case Universal v5.2

by NegSol Dec 3, 2017
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How do you make the TOP cover? Do you use supports or print it upside down?

Sure thing - Print as you would normally do. No supports need if you print the Top Shell the same as the Bottom Shell (laying the flat side down).

What size screws do you use?

The original screws of the DE10 Nano can again be used to fix the DE10 Nano inside the case. If you find this to be too difficult try using sharp screws to prepare the holes. It works!

For the case itself use simply very small screws (maybe 1mm or less). Size does not matter much when you are printing PLA. PLA is like wood and the screws will work their way in.

I'd also suggest replacing the screw tabs on the sides with snaps. That is, the top half could have four tongues/tabs that push from the inside against four holes in the bottom. This would make screwless assembly easy and require much less fiddling.

I'd do it myself, but there are no CAD source files.

With 0.2mm layers on an Ender 3 (otherwise well calibrated), the buttons are completely welded shut. Unfortunately, this makes the whole case useless, since you can't use it even as a solid top, and the closed top doesn't contain a window to access the buttons.

I'd suggest redoing the buttons with a much wider gap, and also having a window for accessing the buttons in the no-button case.

New designs are now available with wider gaps around the buttons.

I have an Ender 3 myself. Still i print with the flashforge pro when I do the MiSTer Cases. I would suggest experimenting with different layer heights or print speeds to get unstuck buttons. I did a lot of test runs and settled with this button design. Sadly i have no CAD files for large part of this design too. I modelled most of the parts as meshes myself, as I use different design tool that only work with meshes. Sorry... maybe I will share a button cad file for 123design, although I highly doubt it would be of any use to you. Just post if you are interested.

I have a design that prints the separated buttons prepared for shapeways. However, I feel the original design works and I will not share the other design, as it is not “better” in any way.

Regarding the screwless design, i also fail to see the benefit. Esp. as one again would introduce lots of small tolerances conflicting with some printers. But again, feel free to try yourself.

Also maybe share pictures of your make. Could make troubleshooting easier.