D-Bot Extruder Cable Chain

by Coffman34 Dec 3, 2017
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I didn't see this mentioned earlier but each link is about 19.5mm from the center of the connection points. I printed out 39 "chain link" pieces, 2 "cable_chain_extrusion_mount" and 1 "extruder_mount". The settings I used were .25mm layer height on a .4mm nozzle, 4 top & bottom layers as well as 4 perimeters with 25% infill. They were printed on a PEI surface at 75mm/sec with the hot end set to 230C and the print bed set at 60C. The entire print job took around 12 hours.

Does the chain attach to the second frame mount in the middle?

It can be mounted anywhere. I mount mine in the middle of the front, which gives it the support it needs to not droop as much and hit the Y extrusion pieces.

In your photo, it looks like the leftmost frame mount is different than the one on the right. Might be my eyes, but trying to figure out how the chain is attached to that one.

Yes, the left mount is different as far as the chain links. The frame mount is the same. But the chain on the right mount is an end piece without the ability to hook another chain link on the end. The mount in the middle has a through link, allowing links to be placed on both sides.

Great chain. Can we have an image of how the end parts attach to a D-Bot. Thanks.

Added! Thanks for reminding me!