Modular gaming hills

by Terrain4Print Dec 3, 2017
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Great job ! I rescale at 50%. I'd like to use in "Sails of Glory" scenarios !


I love these, but I’m a Scrooge with my filament.

So I have created some “hollow” stl’s for the low, short and short-long pieces. Pics attached of test piece.

Uses much less filament, and is solid enough to put heavy models on.


Hi, due to an unexpected change in circumstances, I no longer need the terrain, so didn’t complete my work on them.

For the “plain” hills, I was just going to create a copy, and reduce the size by around 3-5%. Then I would have positioned the copy inside, linked the two objects together at the bases, and deleted the remaining base level. Voila! Hollow hill.

Print upside down, and you should save a ton of filament, and might not even need supports, depending on your printer.

I might have finished one file. Will see if I can find it next time I’m near my PC.

Did you ever get a chance to post remixes of the hollow hills? I would love to try them out!

Haha, Mr Scrooge, :-)
Sounds very good, please post a remix!

Hey there,

any chance to get these with a fitting transition to tikal ruins? I mean it would be great to combine these sets seemless :)

And thanks for sharing your designs!

Chance is very slim right now. Your best hope is a hot glue gun. :-)
You are welcome!

This is top notch, this is the stuff that pushes me towards creating a patron account, something I have never done before/considered. Really really great work.

Thank you. The next release is around the corner. :-)

Hi !
It's a GREAT design for sur.
You could also imagine "hollow" modular hills I think. You keep the flat base, two walls with attach system and corresponding contours, and the rest is free to make (with old non-3d-printing methods). Am i understandable ?

Thanks! I think I understand the hollow idea, it could be usable. I will see if I can find some time for it.

(as a non English native, it's not that easy to translate Ideas)
After thinking about it again, it should be a good laser cut idea too !

These are really nice looking. I've been printing off some bigger scatter terrain stuff like this lately, and this will certainly be on my list if I have enough filament to get started!

Sounds good, post a make of it and I will be happy! :-)


what about the possibility of a clip that will hold 3mm "barrel" magnets, so they come apart and go together easier.

If you switched to use the OpenLock clip, they even have a magnetic clip that they released a couple weeks ago. Would give you a more standard clip design, and it would leave the magnet option for people who want it. I have no idea how the "OpenLock" license works, but it seems to be a free process. If you don't want to go that route, something as simple as two sets of two holes above/below the clip space could make it very easy to use a barrel magnet. Just size it for some size of magnet that seems widely available. I like to look at a big hardware store like Home Depot, do a search for "in-stock" magnets, and use one of those. I figure if a big box store like HD has it in stock, it must be popular enough and available enough for people.

I actually decided to not use OpenLock. My lock prints without support. Magnet system is on the way. I only need to test it some more.

May I ask why?
The second I saw those magnificent hills - I thought this would be great with OpenLock magnet clip!

The version of OpenLock I saw all needed support. Mine prints support free. Since the pieces themselves isn't compatible with any other OpenLock models, I don't think it is a big deal. I understand that if you already have a bunch of OpenLock magnet clips, that is frustrating. Sorry. :-)

No worries mate, there's no reason to apologize. It's a treasure that you shared your great designes. Thank you!

Thank you! I think extra holes to hold magnets instead? 1mm deep? Two magnets per side?

that would work. then people can drill them out for whatever magnet they want to use.

Any plans for 3 or 4 clip sided expansion parts?

Would be nice to be able to make a longer hillside.

I am working on straight pieces (4 inch/10 cm long) the coming week. After that it's a week of test printing, painting and such. Give or take a few days.

Hello. I just came across your hill set. THIS IS GREAT!!! not only for gaming but 1/24 scale radio control crawling. I have printed several pieces this weekend and was wondering about square pieces to make longer or "L" shaped hills. Also, to make more rocky hills to crawl up. I was going to start slicing and combining parts in meshmixer. If i get something good i will post it. Thanks for the work!!

Ok, this tipped the balance, I've been hovering over the "join now" button for the last two months and you won me over to contribute to my first patreon subscription. These are ten pounds of shit in a five pound sack (overflowingly) AWESOME!

Lol, not sure that's a fitting anology :)

Thank you very much and welcome aboard! :-)