by 300zxcolin Dec 3, 2017
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Can i use carbon fiber pla?

Hello mate, I'm not a materials expert but by all means give it a try. It'll look cool if nothing else :-)

So how much did yours weigh (carbon fiber is kinda expensive in my country)

I don't know. I never weighed it but it was pretty light. Obviously will depend on how much infill you use etc. I would use a high infill for the long thin parts to prevent warping.

hmmm how can it warp after the print, can you explain that please, do you live in a hot country so does the plastic melt by itself?

Hello, I absolutely love this product, however I am having a very hard time assembling. Is there some sort of guide I can use? Regards

Hi, no there is no guide. What part are you struggling with?

From the grip to the back of the model. I can’t seem to get the stock area done

Its a complicated model and you aren't being specific. This is probably the most difficult model to print and fit up I've ever done and to add to your troubles if your printing in PLA you will get bending because the parts are so long and thin. I just checked my one from storage and its bent like a banana. This needs doing in ABS or PETG or something more stable.
I'm not sure if your problem is parts not fitting or you don't know how the parts fit or your having trouble printing the parts?

I actually just found someone who printed this and they helped me out. I had everything printed out in PLA, I just had a hard time assembling the model itself.

Can you please make the STOCK_AND_GRIP next to each other, side by side as I can't fit them as they are in the printing space. Thank you.

Stock and Grip cut 1 and cut 2 added.

Glad you like it!
Total pain in the ass to design and print but it came out ok.