AnyCubic Kossel Linear Plus V-Rail mod plus corner cover

by Narosenberg Dec 4, 2017
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I'm planning on buying the Anycubic kossel delta, and came over your youtube video. hope its ok if i ask you a couple of questions :)

will your upgrade work on the pulley version (and do i need extra parts if i go for this version?)?
or do i need to buy the linear rails version?

best regards

Hans (from Norway)

I'm not sure what carriage they provide with the pulley version, from the pictures it looks pretty different. In any case you need to preserve the base geometry (very important!).

I started from the linear rail version, that's the only one I have any experience with.


Hi Hans, I have the pulley version and have upgraded my printer with this linear v-rail, you will also need the following parts:

9 x Low Profile Screws (M5x25)
9 x Precision Shim (8x5x1)
9 x V-Slot mini wheel kit: ‘OpenBuilds’ (2 x MR105ZZ)
6 x 6mm spacer
3 x Eccentric Spacers
9 x Nyloc nuts

Note, for the wheels kit make sure that you get original open builds because cheap Chinese version mostly come without Precision Shim (8x5x1) or with thinner shim between the two bearings MR105ZZ in the middle, which causes the wheel to block when you tighten the screw. You can solve this by removing one of the bearings and placing the Precision Shim (8x5x1) inside and returning the bearings. In that case you would need more than 9 Precision Shim (total 18 pcs).

My profile became locked for some reason, so I started another one. Yes, it is me, pipme.

Which wheels and bolts and spacers did you use? Mini-V or regular wheels? Are all the spacers excentric? What length bolt and which locknuts to choose? I would like to upgrade my Kossel in this manner, but I find it difficult to know which items I need to purchase.

Please help!

Hi there, happy to help. The wheels are in fact the standard Mini-V kit with low profile 25mm m5 screws and nylock-style nuts. There are two wheels with 6mm non-eccentric spacers on one side of the V-Rail, and one wheel with a 6mm eccentric on the other. You must use the eccentric that is designed for the Mini-V wheels, the larger one (for the big wheel) won't fit. Don't forget to put the precision 1mm washer inside the wheel between the bearings or the bearings will fail. I can post assembly pictures if it would help. Good luck!

I ordered them now, thank you! Assembly pics would be awesome. I am also curious as to the custom size bolts and nuts used to attach the molded plastic part to this carriage?

Also, I did remember to order the v-rails themselves.