4th Axis Gimbal Stabilizer - Pro 2 Model

by ScottyMakesStuff Dec 4, 2017
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Hey Scotty,
Awesome design, has been on my 'to print' list for ages, finally getting around to it. Is the thread runner part available?

Hi Callum,
Most people source these themselves so we stopped selling the kits and parts. Just print it in something strong.


Thank you for sharing this expressive design. I am about to bring one sample real for me. It is a bit tough though to find spring and lubricants equivelants in Turkey. I will update results :)

I wonder if I may use your stabilizer with this gimbal design https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:692472 ?

Greetings, asenkron

Handheld gimbal for mid size camera
by reneke

looks very interesting!

Hi Scotty, just discovered your design, thank you for uploading it and sharing,

this will be a great test for my printer and a great start to have a gear to start exploring the videomaker world.

just wanted to send you love and recogonition from Europe.

Sharing is daring, you dare to share, because you know you have much more to give than will be taken,

have a great day, Lui

Hey, am about to try this out on real pro printers, thank you so much for providing this, now considering that I am in France, how could i put my hands on the extra parts (excluded printed parts)?

You'll find all the help you need in the thing details as well as these comments

What type of brass insert do you use in the "Bolt Runner" part?

You guys stop doing metal parts kits on your site?

Yes, we found most people source the parts themselves and as a result we weren't selling enough of them to justify selling them.

Makes sense. Thanks for the reply.

Yep, that is why I don't share my designs anymore :( These scum copycats took my designs and are selling them as their own. They didn't even change the design except to remove my logo! They'll soon be getting a letter from my lawyer. They don't use damping gel, spring is far too weak and no bearings so it's a very poor copy.

I thought so. That sucks. I had hoped that was you selling em. Love the design btw! I printed the parts and have yet to assemble. Thank you!

I already know their company name and they're in China. What they probably assume is we're in the US with no fair trade treaty with China. Actually, I'm in Australia and we have a fair trade agreement with China... that means legal stuff like fighting copyright infringements is much easier. Time to test out whether the Creative Commons licence works!

It's too bad Ebay is out there to just get as much $ as they can and let bums like this seller rip off you design.
Best of luck to you for a good outcome.

Thanks Yahiko, we've tried a lot of things but it seems there's little we can do. Unfortunately the only thing that's working right now is not sharing our new designs so that they can't outrightly rip us off. But that hurts me too :(

I have seen more than just a few that have had to deal with Ebay ripoffs. I thik there was one that did get some results. I found a youtube video that goes into why the Chinese think that this is ok to do. If you would like the link I can post if but only if you say ok.

Thanks Yahiko, please post the link? Also, if you can remember the details of the one case that got some results I'd be very interested to find out more in case there's something we haven't tried?

These guys have the best explanation of why so much copy tight infringement happens with Chinese sellers.


Disclaimer. I am not a lawyer and this is a non legal opinion that you can use or not use as you wish. I will not be responsible for any outcome.

But it is still not right to take work you did and sell it without asking and paying you for it. Sadly I don't recall who it was that got good results in dealing with the infringement over at Ebay, I do recall reporting something to Makerbot and they could not get Ebay to block the seller.
I think what is needed is a class action suit naming Ebay for not enforcing copy rights. Now that I am typing this I do recall the last one I happened to read was something to do with a "Cease and Desist" land some other steps that I don't recall.
Use a google search with this as the search items "copyright cease and desist letter to Ebay" That might bring up some useful info.

Thanks for the info Yahiko, I really appreciate it!

Please post back with what you end up doing if the lawyer says it's ok to talk about it.
You know how they can be sometimes about keeping things all hushed up.

Comments deleted.

It's the same and it's parts are in the files.

Not sure where to post this so I'm posting here. The next time you put a quarter in the thinking machine, I want to come up with a very simple, light weight, dampening connector to hang my high quality 360 cameras from my Inspire 2. I can fly the Panono camera from the front gimbal without any issues. I also have a Insta360 Pro (good bit heavier) and I want to fly it on the I2 to do 8k 360 video. In order to do so it will have to fly under the COG of the Inspire2. I am making a bracket to mount under the 4 bolts on the bottom which are located at the center of gravity. I want to let the Insta360 Pro be able to swing freely (instead of a stiff mount).

However, In order for this to work and not have a pendulum effect I need to have a simple dampening mechanism that will let the rod swing (but be VERY dampened). My original thought was to use a 1" diameter sold rubber piece (approximately 4"-6" in length). This solid rubber "tube" would allow some flexibility but hopefully dampen the movement so is not what I would call an perpetual pendulum effect. But after working on making this 4th axis I am wondering if there could be some simple 3D printed joint/hinge that used dampening gel to greatly slow the movement. This would allow the Inspire 2 to be responsive, agile and still carry the camera. I will hang the camera on a very lightweight carbon fiber pole about 24" below the uav. So if you get bored and the idea engine gets fully revved up, throw this in for consideration as well :)

Hi Tim,
That's quite a request. Right now we're busy as all F%&@k ... I haven't taken a weekend off since January! Coming up with a drone solution is super interesting and the inner inventor is itching to dump my work and come up with something but this will have to wait quite some time as work invariably comes first... that's not to say that this won't end up being "work", there's just too many things that need my attention first :(

But I'm also interested in the original question you posed regarding the stabilized pole so that's something I'll get done in somewhat shorter time. There's also a number of others asking for a similar solution so it shouldn't be too long before I get a good chance to start making prototypes... I've already got some ideas but as they say down here in Australia, 'there's more than one way to skin a cat' and I'm sure there's many ways to achieve the kind of stabilization that you want so I'm going to keep plugging away on the concept when my brain needs a distraction.

I completely understand!! If we only had 2-3 more of ourselves :) I just wanted to throw that in the think tank. My top priority is trying to solve the upright pole stabilization. I can not record moving 360 video on a robot base until it is. A person could record good quality footage on a robot base using a regular camera and a gimbal as the pole wobble would most likely have little effect on video quality. But with 360 video, pole wobble is a show stopper. Flying a 360 on a drone for video eliminates the wobble problem but obviously there are limited vantage points using a drone. I am wanting to record indoors and record people, so the robot base is only option for moving video. I'm confident that my man Scotty can solve the problem! Thank you again for all of your design stuff and work you have done.

And I just realized the same thing happened on the side as well.

Hey Scotty, I haver been printing my parts and the are lookin good!! When I printed the Gimbal support it seems that it was designed to have an enclosed hex nut but there is no mention of it in the notes. So I think rather than reprint I will just cut out the covering that printed. I have just been printing and figured I would get up to speed on assembly when I was close to having all my parts printed. Was the Support designed to have an encased nut on it? If so I assume it would not affect the functionality to cut the covering off so I can get my nut in the hole? Thanks again. I am SO looking forward to using this and also looking forward to hearing your thoughts on stabilizing an upright wiggling pole.

Hi Tim,
My bad, I've since updated the instructions.
That's some good looking prints you've done there!
Yes, the difference engine is still computing... sometimes it takes a while to spit something out!

Scotty, is an M6 identical to a 1/4x20 ? All camera accessory attachments (at least here) are 1/4x20. I looked at a conversion chart and could not tell if an M6 was the same as 1/4x20 or 1/4x28. I am slowly but surely learning metric stuff. I would sure make life simple if we did not have 2 systems here in the US and were 100% metric!! But that will never happen in my lifetime.

Hi Tim,
The 1/4-20 fitting is a throwback to a time when Japan (using the metric system) was making cameras and yeilded to its biggest market. Unfotunately the 1/4-20 is 6.35mm and the thread is more course than the M6. The nuts are around 1mm bigger too. All attachment points on the stabilizer are 1/4-20 and all other fittings are M6 metric. I'm sure you can buy these M6 parts online in the US or else we sell DIY kits on our website too. https://scottymakesstuff.com/collections/parts-kits

Thanks Scotty!! The only thing I can't locate is the Fluid damping cartridge fluid?. Do you mind sharing a link here or via PM of where I can order that?

It's a high tech industrial damping gel... google nyogel 774VH, but be prepared for the price!
Alternaltively you can buy the completed cartridges from us here:- https://scottymakesstuff.com/collections/spare-parts/products/fluid-damping-cartridge?variant=5457914134558

I think I now realize those are embedded nuts for accessory attachments. So I will just fire up another 15 hour print job as I want to have those :)

Hello Scotty
thank you for sharing this beautiful thing very good work, please i need more details about a spring length, Diameter of string, Outside diameter ... etc
thank you verry much

All the details can be found on the Century Springs website - the full part names are 5945, 12371 and 218.

thank you verry much

Hey Scotty! I love this design!! I don't know much about camera stabilizers, so my question is do I need to have something such as a Zhiyun Crane or similar to attach to the unit or can I just simply attach my DSLR to it? Sorry if that's a stupid question, any help would be awesome! Thanks!!

Thanks Pembo!
The only stupid questions are the ones you don't ask ;-)
Yes, this design was intended to be used with a gimbal such as the Zhiyun Crane but rules were meant to be broken right!
You know the funny thing is that you're the 4th person to ask that question over the past couple of weeks. I promised the others I'd test it out when I got my hands on a pro 2 stabilizer. Without testing it I'd say without a doubt you'll see a significant improvement over handheld shooting... but how close is it to gimbal footage is it? Now that's a good question... Will post the results on my channel!

That's one of the best/useful things I encountered in 3D printing world!!
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the compliment! :)
Lots more useful stuff coming out this year!

love the build...amazing craftsmanship and engineering...i do wish you could make a video on the process of printing for the parts that need special attention like the nuts dropped in or printing in halves...also making a parts list of the quantity of each needed to print would help as well

Hi Jay, thanks for the recommendations. I definitely need to make more videos, no doubt, but in the meantime if you look under the description you'll see a of of those questions answered.

im still very confused about the parts quantity to print...there are 5 different types of knobs in the build and yet i only see 4 different knobs in the parts...the knobs for the dampener are missing

Hi Jay,
During my last update I must have accidentally deleted the damping knob. It's back now, thanks for the catch!
There's a diy video with the Thing that goes through all the assembly steps for people that buy the DIY kit. This names all the large parts and how they're used which should be enough to bring you up to speed.

Hi Scotty, is there a difference between a 1/4-20 and m6x1?

one is imperial thread and the other is metric

Hi Scotty, how did you get the screw inside of dampening knob? In your kit, there’s a screw included in the part.

Hey Scotty, how do you get the screw into the damping knob? Thanks!

Hi Choy, that's called a captured bolt. It's one of the advanced parts of the print. I've just added the basic details in the printing section but you essentially print it in two parts.

How big of a 3d printer do you need to make this?

All the parts will print on a Prusa I3 so that's about 25 x 21 cm from memory... it may be able to print on a smaller machine... the longest part is the handles so try them in your slicer if you're not sure.

Could you explain how the dampener is assembled, how it is filled with dampening gel, and how much dampening gel you are using? It’s a great design and extremely well engineered! Kudos to you sir

Thanks Outlawfab, the damping capsules need to be firstly threaded M6. I use a M6 thread tap but an M6 bolt will work ok. I use a modified plastic medical syringe to place the damping gel inside the capsules. I roughly fill them and then bring the two capsules together to distribute the gel. Then I do it again until the gel overflows out the centre indicating they're full. This takes approximately 3mls in each capsule.

Hey Scotty.

I think your 4-axis design is really cool. Especially the pro version with the ball bearings is awesome! What would be really great if you could make a new grip where you could swing him backwards. > It would be better to hold something like that because then the gimbal is in your hand and you do not have to hold it so tight

Thanks for the advice Rene :)
In the early development I trialled a system like you're suggesting. The off centre balance adds lever forces that apply additional strain to the wrist of the person holding it and it's harder to maintain a smooth image like that. I've never had any problem holding the handles, they're actually far more comfortable to hold and maneuver because of the inline loading. The Beholder is squeaky and the rated specs are just plain wrong... not to mention the price! My stabilizer has damping which allows it to produce far better stabilization in many more shooting situations. Probably the 4th axis stabilizer that's a better comparison is the Jockey... it has damping and payload support like mine... but I still think my stabilizer does a better job... Ok, I know I sound like a proud Dad but I'm proud for a very good reason! ;-)

Comments deleted.

Good day. Would you (or someone) be so kind as to clarify the naming system employed for the springs utilized in this build.

Hi Abe, the spring names are just what I use to identify the 3 springs sold in the different parts kits and fully built stabilizers found at https://scottymakesstuff.com/
I made the parts kits because it was the biggest thing stopping people from making this design. People in the past had trouble ordering the correct springs as they had a minimum order amount of $50 at Century Springs. Also the damping gel has a minimum order of $70 and the bearings and some other parts weren't so easy to find. If you'd like to get the springs yourself from Century Springs then the full part names are 5945, 12371 and 218.

Hi, I intend to get the spring myself. May I know the length of the spring I need to buy for 5945, 12371 and 218 respectively?

These details are available on the Century Spring website at centuryspring.com just put those numbers into the search feature and you'll get all the details you need.

File of DamperDynamicSide is missing:)
But I guess it's same with Compact Pro.

Thanks Elliott, it's now added and yes, it's the same as the one in the Compact Pro. Both stabilizers use many of the same parts so you could print just the parts you need for both if you wanted to be able to use it as a compact Pro or Pro 2.
Enjoy :)

Thanks WarHawk, I know I'm it's Daddy but I think so too :)