Thermal Enclosure For 3D Printer

by the_digital_dentist Mar 16, 2014
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Are you concerned about the insulation and polycarb being flammable?

PIR foam is almost fire proof. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXan0uONA04 That's why I chose PIR and not the pink, blue, or yellow polystyrene foams that burn and produce a lot of toxic vapors.

Yes, the PC window will melt and burn. So will all the ABS plastic parts that hold the enclosure together and any plastic parts inside the enclosure.

No, I'm not worried about it.

Are you concerned about cooling the hotend? is there any fresh air supply?

For printing ABS there is no need to bring in cool air to cool the hot-end. The heatsink and fan on the hot-end are adequate even at 50C inside the chamber.

and the heated bed doesnt increase the chamber temp over 50?

In the original printer, MegaMax, pictured here, if I closed the door of the enclosure the temperature would get to about 50C. When I operated it at that time I kept the door propped open a little to keep the temperature down to about 45C because the electronics were inside the enclosure.

In the 2nd generation of the printer, Son of MegaMax, the top, back and bottom panels are PIR foam board and the other three are 1/8" clear polycarbonate. With everything closed the temperature gets to 45C, or about 25C above room temperature.

If you build the enclosure and the internal temperature gets too high, make a few vent holes. If you make too many, just put a piece of tape over them, or make a sliding cover that makes ventilation adjustable.

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Hi, your printer its cool!! could you send me several photos?¿?, jprado@bisl.es.

Thanks a lot!!!

Thank you!! Thank you for the fast response. I will finish this today and post pictures later.

Ouch! Sorry about that... I uploaded the stl file called "rear_corners.stl".

I have started to print this. I did not realize it was 1 inch. I purchased 3/4 inch. No big deal I printed a test piece at 75% and it works great. I noticed however that there are no rear corners in the thing files. I was hoping that maybe you could upload them so I could finish this print. Thank you for a great design.

I am using NEMA-23 motors to drive the axes and they run cool to the touch. The NEMA-17 extruder motor runs pretty warm, so I am watching it to see how it behaves inside the box. I haven't measured temperature in the box yet but will do so in a day or so.

Doesnt your stepper motors get overheated? Or maybe you have some kind of cooling for them? Mine did while printing in an enclosure. The enclosure reached about 40c+. I had to have the door a little open to keep the temperatures below 40c.