Athena Makeover Kit

by zheng3 Mar 12, 2014
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that spear on the arm is genius

Great design. My daughters love it. Especially the Hermes shoes.
The dory though is very weak. I originally printed in PLA, then in PETG but the arm clip breaks right away. :(

Finally getting around to making this - such a great concept, and thanks for putting so much attention into the details! I look forward to tackling the full plate (and was glad to participate in the Kickstarter) but I'm starting small with this.

I'm having a little trouble slicing the dory. Slic3r, Cura, and MatterSlicer all seem to produce one or two weird layers and that's it. I see that Thingiverse's preview also has trouble with it - it's got some black stuff on it in the image above. Yet the normals look good when I load it in Blender. Do you have any thoughts?

Very strange. I re-uploaded a dory and it seems to work in Thingiverse's preview. Give it a shot and let me know if it works out OK.

Sliced printed clipped to Barbie's arm! Many thanks for fixing it so fast!

Epic Design! You'll probably be my first Kickstarter backing. My kids (especially my 18mo son) made me replay your video countless times yesterday.

I notice in your kickstarter you mention biodegradable plastic which to me hints at PLA. Is that the case? I print with ABS (perhaps that would frighten the minfigs that are also made from ABS) which shrinks a bit more than PLA so I'm wondering if I need to scale up a bit to account for shrinkage (I WAS IN THE POOL!!!) or not. My 4 year old has 2 barbies (not sure if they're fashonista yet) and numerous Disney Princesses that are basically a Barbie with a custom head. The princess from Brave has the jointed knees like your barbie but fixed arms like a traditional barbie. Since she's a redhead I noticed they made her from a more pastey-white plastic than a run of the mill barbie.

Thanks! I'm printing almost exclusively in PLA these days because I prefer the smell. I don't see why ABS wouldn't work as-is, though.

Glad the kids liked the video, I had fun making it.

nice, but I felt like your full armor is a little skin tight.
you've avoided the boobplate so that's nice but shouldn't there be padding under the armor?
(making it less distinctive in bosom size)
or do you think realism should take a backseat?


I feel that one must always strike a balance between realism and Rule of Cool: http://bit.ly/1iVUxlOhttp://bit.ly/1iVUxlO

Also, there are some practical limitations to the design to allow maximum freedom of movement for the doll inside, as well as making it relatively easy to slip on and off.

The flexibility of the plastic is key to getting some pieces on the doll, and if I made it much thicker I'd have to look into hinges and such. Hobbyist 3D printing isn't quite capable of producing detail like that just yet.

love it! and the kickstarter is a great idea, love that double!