3D Catan Terrain Pieces

by JAWong Jul 18, 2012
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Here's another guy selling your stuff. What's worse is he 1) doesn't even bother to attribute it to you and 2) doesn't even use his own pictures.


awesome design and they printed out nicely. the one issue... and its a pretty big one, is that the hexes arent coming out perfectly symmetrical. 5 sides are exactly the same, and the 6th is coming out about 2mm shorter than the rest, making the fit a little less than perfect. has anyone else noticed this problem?

I saw some really old issues with the wood tile, but none recent and none helping with the issue I am having on print.
Seems like the PLA filament is getting clogged when doing the upper half of the trees.
it extrudes the retracts and I think that causes it to clog. I have the heat up pretty high so it doesn't seem like this should happen.
Any advice?

Great work. My only concern is the origianal hexes are 45.740 mm along the sides. The fish hex I printed of yours comes up to ~42 mm. This would make for a sloppy lay out when mixing this with the original cardboard hexes.


It's the same scale than the original?

I printed these out as a present for some friends.
I've found a hexagonal box that I've designed infrastructure for to put the pieces in.
I'd like to scale up one of the tiles and print it in sections to decorate the lid.

The problem is when I try to extrude cut the model in Solidworks it gives me an error "unable to create this extruded feature due to geometric conditions."
I think it's because I converted from .stl to .sldprt and there's something lost in translation that makes manipulated as a converted .sldprt.

Would you please post the files in their native design format so that I might be successful in manipulating them?

Any chance you'll consider doing the expansion tiles?

Having trouble trying to print the borders (water). I can't seam to get it to fit on the bed. Using Cura 2.5 with a Printrbot Simple Pro (2016). I have tried rotating just about every degree, even tried the magic 32, still will not fit. Any ideas? The Hex pieces look wonderful...

I love these tiles and am in the process of printing them now. I have been having a problem with the Ore tiles, every time I try to print them the filament jams at 43-47% and won't continue. This hasn't happened with any of the other tiles I have tried printing so far (wheat and brick). And I have used 3 different filaments getting this same issue. Any advice?

What printer are you using?

Thanks for the quick response! I'm using a Makerbot Replicator 5th Gen.

This printer should be big enough to make this. So my guess may be the slicing program causes an error at ~40%. Have you tried different in fill percentages?

I started off using 15% infill but my last attempt I increased to 25% to see if that might help and I had the same issue.

Those small, detailed spiky bits seem like your issue. When you unload the filament you can probably see a notch carved out of the filament by the wheel. All that small detail leads to lots of retracting and advancing, which can cause the filament to get too hot and soft, since it spends more time near the heated nozzle. Try cooling the extruder with a fan blowing towards the top where the filament enters. Could try reducing print temp too, but that has not worked for me like the fan does. Hope that helps.

I love these, but why do the boats look so modern?

Silly question, but what program did you use to design these? Apologies if it is in the comments already.

very awesome models, I featured some of them in my newest 3d printing journal all about my catan board check it out https://youtu.be/bZoel9alcLc

Anybody else notice the sheep getting it on on the sheep tile????

JAWong, this set looks great. Thanks a lot. http://imgur.com/sauIY0B

Are these exact replacement for the cardboard tiles? I ask because i have a catan board which uses the cardboard tiles and anything bigger wont fit, and it seems like the flat part would be very useful for me since the board already has the space for the roads and settlements/buildings. Thanks

Anyone know of any boarder sets that don't need the 10x10 bed, mine is only 8x8ish. And do I need to print with a brim??

I've printed these on 8x8 by rotating the pieces about 32 degrees. I print with a raft as well, and everything fits fine despite Simplify3D showing that some of the raft will spill over the edges. I do have some slight warping where the pieces want to bow upwards in the middle after being removed from printer, but this may just be an issue with my print bed.

What size do these print? I'm very new to 3d printing and before I pull the trigger on ordering from an online printer I am concerned with the dimensions. Its showing around 7 x 9 mm. Seems small to me bit like I said I'm new.

Is there a way to have the base thicker? I'm planning on making a mold for the rest of my set.

I just started printing the hex tiles. When I print the wheat tile, the tile itself becomes fused to the base plate. It also curls up on a couple edges. Anybody else had this problem? Others I have printed curl up a bit on a corner or two as well, causing the hex to fuse to the base plate at that corner. I really want to print these tiles over the next month, as I have access to free 3-D printing. Any suggestions?

I have the same exact problem.. Not sure how to remedy. Would really like to make these, but not sure if my printer settings are optimized to make flat pieces...

Where do I get the cards for this game?

So I printed this thing but I've just realized that I can't find the cards anywhere online at a reasonable price. They're either foreign country only sales or at ridiculous prices ($100+ USD).

Do I really need to buy the whole game just to get my hands on the cards?

Those tiles are amazing! It would be really awesome if an city and city wall would fit in there. Is there an possibility to expand this set tot seafarers and cities & knights?

Is there an possibility I can get the CAD files so i can expand this beautiful set?

I would also love to have the CAD files. I have been trying something similar for a long time, trying to find the right tolerances, and this seems like it would work. (assuming the tolerances are correct on this one, but I think they are)

These are amazing. Any chance you'd do extension pieces for the 5-6 player expansion? That's all it is missing to be the perfect set!

+1 for wanting the extension pieces, although the games I've played have been more enjoyable when the expanded version is played with only 3-4 players.

Great design! I just have one question, do you know how many grams each hex is? I am thinking of sending this to a printer for a Christmas gift but the printer charges by the gram. Thanks for any help you can provide.

It depends on which hex tile you're talking about, the shell thickness of the print, and the in fill. Using 0.8 shell thickness, and 40% in fill for the brick tile, it comes out to 18 grams. At 20% in fill with 0.8 shell it comes out to 13 grams. It all depends on how much weight and how strong you want the tiles to be.

Roughly how much time and money would you estimate you put into the board?

Question for the creator, or anyone else:

Any have any creative, (not necessarily printable, but that would be cool too) ideas of how to store these? I don't want to just dump them in a large cardboard box!


I have a full sized game box from an expansion to Last Night on Earth, that I am not using as I have put all of those pieces in with the original box...and I am mentally chewing on how I could repurpose that game box for this. I am hoping to find maybe Catan box art, and print it off, and maybe carefully glue it over the existing box art. Then work on some foamcore ideas maybe to create something inside to hold the pieces.

Hex Tile Holders such as for JAWong 3D Catan Terrain Pieces
by neuport

That is a really nice setup. Unfortunately, I am not going to dish out 90 dollars for that box, but I bet I can make them work with something else! Thanks for the tip!

Hey I'm getting a printer soon but its only a 4x4 print . Are these tiles the same size as the original such that I could use the original borders with them?

Nice 3D terrain! I've created a website to gather all board game improvements to inspire and showcase. Would you be interested in adding them to the Board Game Level Up site? I could help you with it, but still giving you the credit. www.boardgamelevelup.com


Hello JAWong,

first of all really nice work :)
I would also be interested in the source files as i want to optimize the models for multi-color printing.
So i want to split each tile into multiple different models so you can use dual-extrusion for this.

If you don´t want to share the sources I can understand it.

Thanks again for the nice design!

Nice design! Do you also have source files without cutouts for the number tokens? I am working on a remix of your set, but I want to use different dimensions. More precisely, I want to use relatively bigger sized villages and cities and smaller number tokens. Can you please help me out? Of course I will share my final designs as well with all of you :)

Hey Mate,
Would you consider doing a set for the Star Trek Catan?? They have water..oxygen, Dylithiam....etc... That would be way cool....

I would love these as well!

JAWong, I believe someone is using your files commercially. I wanted to let you know in case you would like to protect your intellectual property.

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Now we need 5-6 players expansion boarders please

Would be really nice!

Roughly how long does each tile take to print? I might check out a printing place that charges by time but I don't want to start without knowing. I'm new to 3D printing so I have no idea.

There are a lot of factors like JAWong said. I'm printing in PLA, .3mm layers with 30% infill on a delta printer and they take between ~1-1.5 hours each.

That's a very complicated question... it depends on the quality of the machine, the medium you're using, the resolution of print, the size of the print, the amount of fill you want inside. Some of my tiles took 2-3hrs to print with ~30% fill. I also used ABS plastic on a DIY printer.

Anyone else having trouble printing these? Usually they fail at like 70% done, and when they do print correctly they pull up on the sides making them not lie flat when they're done. Anyone else having these issues?

Yes, I have the curling edge problem. It's an issue with ABS. You can try PLA, that's probably my next step.

Comments deleted.

I asked him to remove the models from that site. I put these models up to share and for non-commercial reasons.

Comments deleted.

Is there a 5-6 player expansion set for the borders? Want to print the borders but would like to know if you or some else design the expansion borders to go with it.

Here the Borders for the Seafarer Expansion:


Catan 3D Seafarers Border Tiles

Fish??? Don't remember that.

Yeah whats that?

Is there a tile for the Gold in Seafarers expansion? I printed the basic set and 5-6 player set, now looking to expand to the Seafarers edition.

This is very cool. Ive started printing them off. But could you put up the water tile?

Love the tile set! Ended up printing off half of the tiles, and used them with the full game. However...I printed off the border last night, and something seems off. I think it may be on my end, but the tiles don't quite fit the border as they should. Anyone else have this issue? And if not, anyone know how to fix this?

@JAWong Could you enlarge the path circles to fit both the city and settlement pieces? These pieces are amazing and I can't wait to print off a full set.

You could try out these road and city prints that fit on these tiles:


Enlarging them is quite a bit of work and I'm not sure when I would be able to do it.

Round-Base Catan Pieces
by Beskytt
Settlers of Catan Round Player Pieces

I am having trouble getting my wood tile to come out well. I get lots of strings on it. Does anyone have suggestions? I'm using PLA on a replicator 2.

I have heard that you can reduce the hot-end temperature, stinging supposedly happens because the PLA is too liquid, and it takes too long for it to solidify.

That being said, I stopped using PLA for this exact reason, so I don't know if what I told you will work.

This usually happens when the printer finishes one line of printing and moves to another line. The plastic continues to "ooze" from the extruder nozzle leaving the oozed plastic as strings. My printer software has a setting to retract the plastic while this happens. Look at your manual for the replicator to see if this setting is available.

These are pretty amazing! I'm printing a set now. Are you considering expanding this at all, like including water tiles?

Great work, one of the best models I've seen on Thingiverse!

Is anyone else having trouble printing the wood hex? All of the others print fine but I've failed 5 times with the wood hex. Is there a trick in the settings?

Are you failing during printing or during slicing?

I'm seeing an issue with the wood hex as well. Loading the tile up in Repetier-Host v.90C it's giving me a manifold error when I load the STL. If I try to slice it after that it just runs forever.

I'm having trouble slicing the wood tiles too. Using the newest rev of MakerWare for a Rep2.

Nevermind, second time I tried it sliced in like 10 minutes.

Ha, love the special little detail on the sheep tile.

printed mine on formlabs 2 it shows up especially well

I just noticed this too, was hoping I would be first post on it.

is there anyway to edit these files? I want to print them on my schools printers but it is pricey. I wanted to shell them out to cut down on plastic. Anyone have any suggestions?

Any chance you could split the boarders into two connectable pieces? so it can be printed on a smaller bed?

Will you add the two missing borders for the 5-6 player version?

These tiles are beautiful. Can you consider adding a hole for magnet connection to them so they stick togehter like this idea: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1330163305/hexels-the-completely-modular-settlers-of-catan-ga?ref=livehttp://www.kickstarter.com/pro... ?

Yeah. Could you add holes for putting magnets in? Or could you upload your design-file, so one of us could make a remix?
I am currently experimenting with magnet-connections and it gives really good results.

Catan Terrain - magnet socket

I love these tiles! I've nearly done a full set, and built some round player pieces to fit in with these. Thanks for sharing this!

Congrats on this amazing set, JAWong, I am printing your pieces right now :-)

Brilliant - these look fantastic printed! Nice one :)

These are awesome!!! I'm having trouble slicing them with RepG though, anyone have thoughts? Maybe someone has Replicator2 GCode that they could share.

These  would be good for someone who has poor eyesight.

I had made a set using an Epilog laser.

I will buy a set off you. these are awesome

These are fantastic.  I definitely hope you make the borders and water tiles!

Sorry, been really busy lately. The tiles have been a slow progress, also having problems getting them to slice properly (slic3r) due to the sizes of the models. I'll post a water tile and see if anyone has some settings suggestions. 

Any one try to make a version that is dual head printable?

if not would it be possible to get something like a .obj or something that Maya will open?


I can export them to .obj from my solidworks files. Never tried it, so not sure how well it exports. Let me know which file you'd like to try and I can post it.

How about the brick I think it would look really neat dual extruded. If that works then I can try someother ones :)

Nvrmnd, I figured out how to get Maya to import an stl.

Broke down the brick and will be trying a dual print soon.


Can't wait to print some of these!

I love it! It looks like these hex tiles are the same size as the original tiles (just over 90mm?) Have you test fit them with the original cardboard border?

Awesome work! I look forward to any other tiles you may do! (like gold, water nudge nudge ;) )

Thanks. They are slighlty smaller than the original pieces. I took off 0.15mm all around (0.3mm total). They should fit, but I haven't printed any yet.

I am working on replacement border, dessert, and the 2 water pieces (we mostly play the fish version). We do own most of the other expansions but haven't really played most of them lol, but I'll get around to making thwm if I can.

Hey I just wanted to let you know that there are artifacts in the sheep, brick and wood tiles. They are floating in space either above or below the tiles. There may be artifacts in the ore
amp; wheat tiles but they are not obviousl like the ones in the others. Not sure if there is a way for you to clean these up or not.

Found them and fixed! thanks again:)

Thanks, they are indeed fixed, can't wait to print them! =-X

i am having trouble getting the ore tile to skein, I am using Skeinforge 47 and all of the other tiles skeind perfectly but the ore tile just fails. Anyone else experiancing this?

I put them thru Repetier-Host V0.51 and it seems to be ok. I have yet to try out Skeinforge. I'll see if I have time to play around with it.

Hmm... I checked meshes and patched all the holes before putting them thru repetier. I'll go through them again to see if I can find them. Thanks for the info.

I like how you moved the dots off centered.