by 300zxcolin Dec 8, 2017
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I can't seem to find it in your exploded view.

Hi Kevin.
That is the other half of the central main body where the legs and turret attach. It was split to allow one clean face on the main body to attach to your build plate.

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Dude, nice job man great model!

Great paint job! thanks for uploading the model !.

super :)
merci beaucoup

Hey, another great job! Just on the Legs Complete file, it misses the holes to attach the Leg Pivot Pin right? Cheers.

Hi, no they don't have pivot holes in them. Never noticed that before.....

Wich one is correct? Cheers.

They are both the same apart from the holes.
If you want to use the pivots print the ones with holes. If your just going to glue the legs on you don't need the holes.

This is really great. Thanks!. I had print out all parts but it seems I have been to stupid to bring all parts together. Is there a sample picture availabel, whre i can find out how the parts fitted together? Thank you in advance

Exploded views added

Thank you very much for this first class service!

I will do an exploded view when I get home from work.

This is awesome !
How do I assemble it ?

Superglue works for me

so just one of each part?

4 of the fuel drums

thank i am printing it at one half scale

I had some issues with the bottom portion of the turret in Cura. Using the layer view it seems the original tank turret, and the cylinder underneath aren't actually attached to one another. Loading the model up in Blender I confirmed this, they're registering as unconnected surfaces. I attempted to fix with NetFabb but still had issues so I modified the file directly in Blender to fully connect the two parts to one another.

If you're interested I can send you the file.

Hey dude thanks for pointing it out. I printed this part with no issues on Simplify 3D.
Thanks for the offer but I've repaired it myself and re downloaded it.

cool design!
would be more cool when you add the source of the turret file on your thing

Apologies of course. I always try to credit the original designers but overlooked it in this case. Rectified now and well done for a great model!

Thanks guys. Appreciated.
More to come soon :-)

That's awesome man great work!!