Customizable Twisted Polygon Vase

by anoved Mar 13, 2014
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Hi anoved, i really like this kind of geometry shapes. Can you suggest some tutorial for make them? What programs are u using?
Thank you!!

Thanks! They are made with a free program called OpenSCAD. It involves a little bit of programming, but there are a lot of tutorials out there. Thingiverse has some starter info here: https://www.thingiverse.com/jumpstart/openscad Also you can download the twisted-polygon-vase.scad file from this thing and open it in OpenSCAD to experiment with and see how it works.

When i Trie to cusomize it bekommes a solid objekt.... there is some mistake...

There is no mistake - as described in the Thing Details, this generates solid objects intentionally. (It is is easier to code this way.) You print it hollow by choosing zero infill and no top layers in your slicer software. (If your slicer software doesn't let you disable top layers, just abort the print before the top layers.)

una consulta, yo utilizo slicer, pongo relleno 0% pero me hace la tapa de todas formas, como hago para imprimirlo hueco?

Good question. In "horizontal shells" settings, set "top" solid layers to 0. This will prevent the cap layers.

It depends on your print settings and the material you use. If you print it with thick walls and higher temps (for thorough layer bonding) it could be watertight.

how can i make the walls thicker?
im a beginner for cad part im usine catia
for printing simplfy3d

Hi! I am not familiar with Catia or Simplify3D. To make the walls thicker, choose more perimeters (thicker walls) in your slicing software. It may be that some software does not let you do this directly or as easily as Slic3r, which is what I use.

used your great open scad file to create these;
have a look here to learn how I made a thick and waterproof vase...

vase the wall

The shape is beautiful and elegant.

I used same settings on my printerbot, but the wall came out too thin. The object fell apart when i handled it.
Which setting should i modify to get thicker walls?

I find using the 'spiral vase' setting in slic3r and setting the extrusion multiplier to 1.2 works a treat when printing single-walled objects.

Thank you! The easiest way to get thicker walls is to increase the number of perimeters in your print - try 2 or 3. (A single perimeter will be thin and flexible, but shouldn't disintegrate - maybe decrease fan or increase temp a bit to fuse layers more?)

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