Amiga Gotek OLED Box

by DanielCK Dec 9, 2017
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@DanielCK Would it be possible to extend the width of this item so that there is enough space to put in a rotary encoder?

Something similar is to this, but the same as yours but just wider so that there is room, as I think having it at an angle like yours makes it easier to see and read!

Thanks for this - just printing now. I'd recommend rotating on x axis by 180 degrees to print, then 9 degrees on the y, so you have a large flat piece to print as the base. Will let you know how it goes.

Would love to get in contact with designer ;-) Some suggestions and requests. Also is there a special filament colour to get the colour to match an A1200/A600 ?? Get me at Gmail

I'm currently getting filament made in amiga 1200 colour, pm me if you are interested in purchasing some.

Thanks but I don't have a 3D printer.. I will be looking to find someone to 3D print for me (3dhubs?) when I find people with right filament etc. Also the design (DanielCK) is considering some tweaks so I am not in a rush!

The problem with matching the colour, is if it is an original case then it is prone to discoloration and turning yellow, so will never be a match and if it is, then it soon won't be as the case slowly changes colour. I guess if its one of the new A1200 cases that doesn't yellow then it will be OK.

I have 4x Amigas and each is a different shade of white/cream/yellow, and even after retrobrighting them all they again start discolour.