CR-10 y-stepper damper brace/stiffening (compatible with Ultimate Leveling Knobs)

by Scholle__ Dec 12, 2017
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If I am installing this with dampeners on both side do still need the m3 x 40mm screws or just the m3 x 10mm?

Will there be any long-term issue if I print this kind of upgrades with PLA?

I don't think so :-)
Haven't had any issues so far...

Hi just printed and fitting your bracket but my gear for the belt won't line up anymore with the inner damper fitted do I need to modify something?


Have not heard about such a defect yet. Are you sure you have assembled it like it is shown on the pictures in the description?

I believe so. Here is a picture.

Do I need to move the cog out on the shaft?


You have to loosen the gear on the shaft and move it a little bit away from the motor. I've attached a picture what it should look like.

Ah perfect thought that's what I might have todo but wasn't sure that it would have enough bite on the shaft once the belt is pulling on it.

Thank you for the assistance and help will do this tomorrow.


If I install dambers, is the "without indention" the needed part? Or what is the meaning with that indention what is in that side which come against that stepper?

There are two types of dampers out there. It depends on your damper which file you have to print :-) If your damper surface is completely flat, you can obviously use the stiffener without indention.

But couldn't the version with indention be used for both versions of dampers?

Probably yes!

Hi, there seems to be a problem with the two beta models, right where the diagonal support arm connects with the back of the damper mounting plate.
It looks like something is wrong with the fillet between the two, causing them to not be properly connected when slicing. This is using simplify3D.
Wonder if my description above makes any sense? Else I'll see if I can post a screenie..

Hi, thank you very much for your feedback. You are right, i guess the file was damaged. I fixed this issue and i checked the slicing process with s3d. Now, everything should be fine!
If you are going to test it, a feedback would be great!

when the bedlevel-screw is lower, it scratches on the object - i sanded the position :/

Thank you for your feedback. I modified the brace to version 2 (beta). I hope there is more space for the screw and the leveling knob, but I have not had enough time to test it!

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Does not work with the CR-10 S4. Same problem as the S5 it seems, too far out. Any hope for a revision for us S4 & S5 users? Also would be nice to have an indention for a damper to set flat between the brace and stepper motor.


Hi, since I only own a normal CR-10, I don't have any measurements for the S4 and S5 models. So this won't appear for the S4 and S5 :(
If you can give me the size of diameter of the indention, I am going to modify the damper!

This doesn't work for the CR-10 S5. Does not line up with the stepper at all. mounting position is too far out.

Thank you for your feedback!

Can it be used without dampers too?

Of course. But those dampers are definetely worth it.

I wasted money on the hard to find M3x36 screws, and they are still too short..

Same here. Too short! Now to wait another week for the correct screws. ARGH!!

SherbetYeti mentioned that he cut a bit off of the 40mm. Maybe I'll use some washers if need be.

I just got the 40mm in, installed them and they worked fine without having to cut any off them. Seems there must have been a revision somewhere, and the newer models have motors that take 40mm screws.

Thank you for your feedback!

I am sorry if 36 mm does not work for you. I guess there might be another version of motor (maybe newer?) that needs another length for assembling. For me, 36mm fits perfect.
I am going to change the description, thank you!

@ihateu3, for me, M3x36 works fine. But there might be another version of the motor out there, have a look at the ,,makes". The two pictures show two different ends of motors, maybe the M3X36 will not fit? I would also recommend to buy a longer screw (as SherbetYeti said) and cut them a little bit.
Kind regards.

I got some M3x40 screws and just cut a bit off the end and they work fine. Had to use 3 as one I cut a little short but I brought 5.

You can print it with the flat surface where the damper will be assambled on the heatbed (,,standing up"). You do not need any supports.

What orientation do you print? The same as in the pictures? How does it cope with the bridging in the centre without supports? Or do i print with the flat plate where the dampener is attached at the bottom?

my cr-10 mini had no problem printing without supports and in the same orientation as in the picture